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    TAV Keyblades: Keychainless?

    First off I would assume that there are no fake keyblades, the keyblade chooses its master, keychains are like hearts it takes on many forms
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    Why Terra is most likely Xehanort

    Xehanort was the name he went by before he took the name Ansem, or Xemnas (which turns in to mansex)
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    do u think kairi is a wielder

    Keyblades can not be borrowed
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    Gummi Ship in Birth By Sleep

    probably not, and that game has a freaking Disney theme, of course certain things are going to be childish. I would like to something else more "sophisticated", but I have nothing against having gummi ships again
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    all your unbirth theories are most likely wrong and this is why...

    thank you my friend, you understand that, you're not as dumb as the rest of us. yes I called myself dumb but some of us have already taken what you said into careful consideration. I'll give you one thing you thread title is brilliant, It got me interested
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    Unbirths, born as heartless?

    well first off Xehannort made the first heartless by his experiments. but what of these unbirths? Unbirth referring to Not Born, anything that has a heart was born. So assuming they are not born; they don't have hearts and like nobodies the don't have hearts so they don't exist and they want...
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    The Chasers= Nobodies?

    I think you're on the right track but, I don't think there is a direct link between the chasers and the nobodies unless one of them became a heartless, which is a good possibility, because the have been hinting something like that happening to Ven. "what have you done to his heart" Terra
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    BBS FM and Gummis

    You can't be seriously thinking about a remix when the game isn't even out yet. If they don't gummi ships, they don't have gummi ships and if they do have gummi ships, then they have gummi ships, its that simple.
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    Princess' Nobodies

    In the first kingdom hearts: the princess' hearts turn into the keyblade that unlocks peoples hearts. even thou they were pure in heart they all still lost their hearts, making them a heartless which means they all have nobodies. This is what I think kingdom hearts 3 will be about
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    D.S.? Who is he?

    the DS being the second Xehanort isn't a bad thought, but here's my thoughts on that. while fighting Xemnas before the giant flying machine thing. Roxas came out of Sora, so I'm thinking that it is basically the same thing so I'm saying the DS could be Xemnas
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    utada hikaru is freaking hot and talented