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    So I just beat KH...(spoilers)

    It was really THAT sad that Sora and Kairi got separated? I felt sadder by the end of Final Fantasy X, KH didn't really have a sad ending IMO
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    Expections about the music in BBS

    None of the KH series have let me down let musically, so why should it start at BBS!
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    Having Kingdom Hearts Coded app on iPhone?

    Really, even better than iPhone's out here? I don't know exactly which models Coded is supposed to run on, so I'm a bit behind in comparing the latest American to Japanese mobile technology
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    Having Kingdom Hearts Coded app on iPhone?

    As far as I know Coded only works on some Japanese smartphones, and it hasn't been released in America *yet*. I'm looking forward to it's release here, and I'm thinking of e-mailing Square's HQ to see if they would be interested in creating an app for the iPhone/iTouch for us KH fans. Would...
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    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    I have to say Clayton from Deep Jungle. Just knowing you're one boss battle away from getting Cure is frustrating enough, not to mention Stealth Sneak/Clayton are one annoying pair to deal with.
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    Why do Nobodies have a different voice then thier original selves?

    Hey, there's bound to be loopholes in a game series that's had this many games to surpass it... what else can you say? I think the whole nobody thing was just something Square-Enix invented to add some more depth to the plot and advance the games, but who knows.
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    So I'm the New Guy

    Hey guys! I guess I'm new here, so I just wanted to say hi! I love the forums here, you guys run a great Kingdom Hearts website and it's really fun. I hope to become a big part of the chat here, and I hope everyone here loves KH as much as I do