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    Terra final cutscene freezing

    So...when you beat Terranort the final cutscene froze on me...right at the part where it shows Kingdom Hearts...I was able to skip it thankfully and save my progress...but then when I tried to watch the cutscene in the Trinity Archives same thing happened and it froze at the exact same part So...
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    Weak Rumble

    I know...I know...It's just this remaster is very close to being perfect if it wasn't for a few things Such as the Rumble being weak and I've heard that there are some glitches...heard in particular that the reaction commands in Xemnas fight were f*cked up(hopefully I get lucky and won't get...
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    Weak Rumble

    Have been playing 2FM recently and the rumble in it is very weak...and it barely ever rumbles for most things(it rarely ever rumbles) The most the control rumbled was when Roxas was fighting the Shadow Giant thing in the Station of the Awakening...and even then comparing it to the PS2 version of...
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    Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Released in Japan!

    F*ck...lucky bastards...I have to wait 2 months :mad:
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    Will you be getting the Japanese version of KH2.5?

    Hmmm...wondering if this will feature Optional English Voice Acting like the original Final Mix did...I know 1.5 didn't have that option Hearing Disney characters in Japanese just makes me wanna hurl...terrible just terrible Anyways...no.I don't understand Japanese and neither do I understand...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- SD -> HD Comparison Trailer!

    No Santa outfit for Jack Skellington? That SUCKS Anyone who's watched "The Nightmare Before Christmas" knows that Jack dresses as a Santa and tries to do Santa's job cuz it's dream to be Santa Claus A huge missed opportunity imo