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    Anyone else notice the eye of is missing from No hearts Keyblade?
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    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    To be fair he'll use the Ultima Canon even if you never get it in game.
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    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    The Phantom as well. Also it's in MA how would they explain it ever being fought?
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    New info of BBSFM

    Re: New info of BBS (Not sure) It's the Boiled Egg of Mastery, eating it is the final step to becoming a Master, at which point you are also told the recipe. That's actually the big secret Aqua was told, the whole sealing up the world thing is common knowledge. She was actually remembering...
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    New BBS FM screens and article

    You know I never noticed the Synthesis items. It's sad that one of the new blades is pointless LOL DD. Also wasn't the difficulty Crit? Also what were the 12 I actually only remember sliding dash.
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    New BBS FM screens and article

    Well think of it this way it at least has less content difference than say KH2 and KH2FM+. The new BBS has a few new commands and 2 new arenas. And some missions. The KH2FM had 7 new bosses, 13 extra rematches, a new drive form, a few new areas and a new difficulty. Though you can't beat...
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    New BBS FM screens and article

    Meh I doubt it will be that hard unless they make it completely different from Eraqus AKA the easiest boss ever (no seriously he is). Plus it's in arena mode, how hard could it get. No but seriously if he doesn't have at least 2 instant-kill hard-to-dodge moves then he wont be that tough.
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    Kingdom hearts birth by sleep final mix NEW SCANS

    I thought it was confirmed Canon? Though I honestly can't see how But you could argue that Sora encountering Terra's LS is impossible, since he wouldn't have time or a reason to go back to Disney world
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    How come King Mickey didn't recognize Apprentice Xehanort as Terra?

    Maybe he didn't forget about them per say but his memories were just a little hazy. Like try to remember all of you class mates from 10 years ago. You will probably only have a vague recollection of most of them. I mean he met most of them for a couple of hours at the most. And really he had...
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    Anyone notice that Master Xehanort is very similar to The Emperor (starwars)

    I mean really here look at all their similarities. -Old -Yellow eyes -Responsible for the destruction of an ancient order of peacekeepers. -Uses the power of darkness -Attempts to convert a hero to the dark side -Has the ability to posses other beings -Became stronger by possessing a younger...
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    Birth By Sleep Sales

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    It's a matter of using Fire/Thunder Surge at the right time. Attack him... When he uses the X slash. When he's falling down after a pendulum attack. When he uses his basic combo (risky but it works) And at the end of his Fire pillar attack (He will only teleport 6 times so surge him as he...
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    Kingdom Hearts:BBS Worldwide sales

    You have to realize it had pretty horrible timing in it's NA release date.
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    Sora giving it back.

    I dunno man I mean Sora could actually triple wield in Final Mix. It could be that it's only in the awakening station that it is possible, but what if Sora can wield 3.
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    An unknown voice actor?

    I think it was a metaphor for how Xehanort and Riku both shared the same dream of leaving the Island and gaining power. The difference being Riku wanted it to help his friends, and Xehanort wanted it well for his reasons.
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    Famitsu pics and info - BbS Final Mix

    Spam Thunder Surge . Also why do they talk about Nomura not being able to beat the new Boss as if it means anything, Nomura himself said he couldn't even beat Vanitas LS.
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    Radiant Garden Boss?

    Needed skills to make it trivial. ANY Shot-lock. Curaga. Damage Syphon Start battle with Shot-lock. Spend the rest of the time dodging/attacking in case he's open. Shot-lock next chance you get. Rinse and Repeat.
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    Well look who beat MF at lvl 50 Critical Mode

    1) Great Job. 2) Now all we need is someone to beat him at level 1 with no abilities equipped, and basic keyblade. And no shotlocks. 3) Yes Yes you can.
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    Critical Mode

    It's not that hard really just play the game smart and it's a breeze. Though the last secret bosses are tough.
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Guys since the Encounter is said to be canon, anyone else think that the way they're gonna explain the non-mention of this guy is by saying that in canon you don't actually land the final blow. You know something like just before the final blow he rewinds time to before the fight began and...