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    Dynamic Entry!

    *crashes through the wall with two shot glasses and a bottle of rum* wanna drink :E Anyways I'm Garion and its been a looooong time since I was on this site......and since I have nothing better to do than post on forums I came here yay!(?) I hope to have fun here see you guys around.
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    Rise of Darkness - The Return of Garion

    Whoo I'm back from my computer deprived absence(from which no one missed me) and since its summer I'm getting ready to get into the full swing of RPing. So while I was internet deprived I came up with a new character and would like to try him out so here he is. Be forwarned though this isn't...
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    So you want a fight eh? -Challenge to Rem-

    Alright, so after some long chats in the chat room we decided to have a battle so Rem this is a challenge to you. Normal KHI rules apply, non-continum Our setting is a abbandoned, ruined city on edge of the omniverse. Very dark, foreboding and whatnot. I'll be using Count Video if you don't...
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    kingdom heats 2final mix video theory

    shouldn't this thread be in the final mix sub-forum? (if the mods would move it there that would be great)
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    the destroyer is manifest.........right

    Hello, hello everyone I'm Garion and I'm a bit new here on these forums. Got lured here by a friend with the promise of good rps and such and I wasn't disapointed! ^^ This looks like a great forum and I hope to have fun here.