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    Where Do I Find The Nobody "assasin"

    guys, i've looked EVERYWHERE AND I WANT THAT DAMN TWILIGHT GEM! so plz help me! fast! thx
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    wisdom form help plz!!!

    hmm...nice thinking,savior. i actually remember all those shadows. tons. i'll go there
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    wisdom form help plz!!!

    olympus coliseum is blown to hell from the hydra...
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    wisdom form help plz!!!

    ok guys, i beat the game but then i restarted so i'm at the world that never was before i fight the last boss. i need an easy world to lvl up wisdom fast. my wisdom form is lvl 2! help!!!
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    Who would You Rather Have In Your Party

    donald and goofy kuz they just bring fun and joy to the game, if kh didnt have donald and goofy, i wouldnt like it as much
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    ? for people whov'e played KH2

    yeah it did that in the first
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    I know why it took so long.

    yeah its worth the wait
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    KH2 Discs (???)

    actually i remember when i played ff7 with 3 disks, it was a hassle, so its a good thing there isnt 2
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    Riku and Mickey

    its kind of a spoiler
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    Final Drive form

    yeah thats really cool, i actually saw final form yesterday
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    oh no i just sold my gba a few weeks ago and i didnt know that com would be so important...but i read that kh2 will wrap all that stuff up for us so we dont need to worry
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    i'm just wondering about pride lands

    when ur in lion king world, would u be able to use drive form as a cub, sorry if this is already known
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    CoM: :mad: I can't beat Riku after Destiny Islands - Help Please ??

    lots of zeros and lots of clouds and get ready for the batlle after him!
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    Passion - Utada Hikaru Performance Video

    haha that was cool
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    Any video game world in kh2

    i agree with ian totally, zelda would be so awesome, and its cool because kh2 and zelda are around the same time periods(except for tron and twilight town)
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    port royal trailers

    has anyone seen any trailers of port royal?? i've never seen ANY gameplay there so far, so if someone has a link, be sure to post it here;)
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    new trailers

    well i dont know if these are already known but i think i found a few new gameplay scenes and gummi ship battles. here they are http://media.ps2.ign.com/media/550/550308/vids_1.html
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    Official name for Tron!!!

    that worlds gonna be so cool, even though i havent see the movie, it looks really cool
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    sleeping beauty world

    Ok, well i know Malificent is dead and all...(i think)but i still think that a sleeping beauty world would be really cool. But instead of a prince making out with sleeping beaty to dispel the curse, Sora would lol:D anyway, post opinions about a sleeping beauty world. And I also think a sword...