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  1. K

    Does anyone else keep telling themselves "one more mission' xD?

    Yeah, that and "One More Challenge, I need the extra sigils". Some of those challenges are really insane, though. This is definitely one of those "wow, look at the time" games. It's really addicting, and always hard to put down.
  2. K

    Do you like the Panel System more than the regular way of getting stronger.

    Yeah, I think it's a really neat way of handling things. It's simple, yet has a lot of complex possibilities. One of the best aspects of it, in my mind, is how you can always change your panels around. There are some RPGs that have really great advancement systems (like the Sphere Grid in Final...
  3. K

    Regarding World Re-Usage

    I agree that they don't really feel recycled in the way of stories, and there are certainly new areas added. I'm not too far in the game, so I can't say if it stays this way or not, but my biggest complaint has been that there are almost no characters to interact with so far. I don't know if...
  4. K

    Organization Moogle is Awesome!

    Indeed, I busted out laughing as soon as I saw it. Definitely a nice bit of humor. Kuxpo
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    Official Birth By Sleep | Unbirths Thread

    That's interesting to note. I wonder if that will wind up tying into the events of Birth by Sleep in some way.
  6. K

    What are Donalds an Goofys role in BBS??

    Probably a relatively minor role at best. We might get to see them do a little bit during one part in the game, though. But not much more.
  7. K

    Pete in BBS?

    I think it'd be cool to see Pete in this game. Since we've seen Mickey, Donald and Goofy in screen shots, Pete certainly is no stretch. Maybe have him and Maleficent meet at some point near the middle of the game.
  8. K

    Birth By Sleep Intro-

    If there was going to be an Utada Hikaru song, I'd want it to be a new one recorded for the game. That would make the most sense, imho. If it had to be one of those, though, I'd go with Beautiful World.
  9. K

    Another New Scan! (Terra with Malificent?! Cinderella and Ven!)

    Depending on how long the time frame of Birth by Sleep is, we could see Maleficent do quite a lot in this game. It would be really cool to see her rise to power and take over Radiant Garden. I wonder if we'll visit a Radiant Garden pre-take over and see what it was like back then, maybe with...
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    Another New Scan! (Terra with Malificent?! Cinderella and Ven!)

    I'm more excited for Birth by Sleep after seeing this scan. Terra and Maleficent talking seems very intriguing. I'm wondering how large a role Maleficent will play in this game. There's a lot of potential to flesh out her back story.