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    Sora's Keychain

    thanks it was driving me crazy
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    Sora's Keychain

    I know this might be a dumb question, but what is the keychain on Sora's Ultima Weapon from the KH2? I cant see what it is.
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    Xion Theory - Makes Perfect Sense

    Not to bash but I dont think that Nomura would make it that obvious to us that Xion came from Sora's memories.
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    Xion's birth in the novels?

    Not a bad theory. It makes sense to me
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    Unbirth symbol a hint of memory?

    I like what GA put.
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    Kairi's Grandmother

    Oh yeah ur right
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    Kairi's Grandmother

    Well he did kinda need kairi cuz the door wouldnt open unless he had all the princesses
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    Kairi's Grandmother

    Aww man...I thought I might have been on to sumthin oh well
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    Kairi's Grandmother

    Okay I'll admit I am new to this so don't blast me too much lol. I was thinking that maybe Master Xehanort (bald guy) is Kairi's grandfather. This would explain why she is a princess. Now I also think that Kairi's grandmother sent Kairi away to Destiny Island when she was little to keep Xehanort...