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    Fanfiction ► The Nobody With A Heart

    Hi All =] Tis a Story i wrote the other day. It’s based on the theory that Ven is Roxas, or at least that Roxas has Vens’ Heart. (Ven being one of the people in the KH2 and KHFM+ secret endings.) it’s based around the time Roxas went to go find Sora. Mm yeah…enjoy - oh…and another thing. I...
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    The first time you fight riku

    no XD i tried several times but kept falling off XD i have no patience so after the third time i turned the playstation off =D later on i realised you didn't have to beat him and continuedd on ^^ so yeah..i never actually beat him O.O
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    Got It Memorized? Axel Pwns! Got It Memorized? Don't be dissin him D=
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    Ahhhhh! I Hate Namine T_T She Made Sora Forget About Kairi D= You Know How Sad That Was Dx And She Told Roxas He Wasn't ment to Exist...Just Cause t's true doesn't mean she has the right to say it *cries* No One Tells Roxas He's Not Ment to exist and gets away with it! *coughs* Ehehe.. I also...
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    It's Just Me

    Hi....The Names Jess...I dont expect people to like me or acknoledge me.......but im here anyways cause its something to do....and cause i have no real friends elsewere.....im utterly alone in this universe.....and my life is one that lacks purpose, meaning, and happiness. All There is, is Me...