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  1. rascus213

    Why Master Xehanort?

    Maybe when Ansem and Xemnas Were defeated, Master Xehanort, Terra, and Eraqus all reformed as seperate people instead of as Terranort?
  2. rascus213

    Why Master Xehanort?

    I just recently finished watching all of DDD on youtube and I was wondering one thing. When a persons heartless and nobody are destroyed the true person comes back, correct? So when Ansem and Xemnas were defeated, Shouldn't they have formed Terranort instead of Master Xehanort?
  3. rascus213

    TMNT: Ninja Turtles Stand Tune

    I had some extra time today so i did a marching band stand tune arrangement of the TMNT theme. Please let me know what you think! XgDRW-QZy2w
  4. rascus213

    Would you spend full price for HD remasters of the KH series?

    To be honest it would take an enormous amount of new things to get me to buy something that i can otherwise just pull out my ps2 to play. FM's would be nice, they could avoid having to record audio for Europe and American versions by just having the new scenes be text. But even with that I'd...
  5. rascus213

    KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu (Full translation in the opening post!)

    Re: KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu. I Find it funny that over the past (6 years?) he has mentioned KH3 several times but its really not even officially announced yet.
  6. rascus213

    Anti-Form in Storyline?

    Nah, i think the little inclusion was fine as is.
  7. rascus213

    Conquista (original composition)

    So i was getting bored of the projects I'd been working on for the past couple months and thought i'd take a break and write something quick and fun NX96HoDZYDg I mainly do percussion ensemble stuff but like i said this was just something i did in like 4-5ish hours. Please leave feedback and...
  8. rascus213

    Dark Impetus Perussion Ensemble Arrangement(incomplete)

    Sorry about that, its fixed now.
  9. rascus213

    Dark Impetus Perussion Ensemble Arrangement(incomplete)

    So I've been Working this for the past couple of months and I'm almost finished, but i thought id post it on here as a kind of special preview. QeUEOIX7new So obviously besides finishing it there are a number of things I'm still going to do including -fix the melody in some parts so it stands...
  10. rascus213

    KH3 Skips The ps3?

    So as most of you have probably heard, Nintendo is revealing their new console(codenamed project cafe) at this years E3 Now while i don't think Sony and Microsoft will panic and immediately release their next gen consoles, id say the ps3 and 360 only have at max 4 more years left in them That...
  11. rascus213

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    i know im asking why he had to come up with a name for it it should have just been kh3d b/c of obvious reasons(being on 3ds ect...)
  12. rascus213

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    its kh3d because of dream drop distance? its kh3d b/c its on the 3ds and used 3d visuals.....why did they have to come u with some name.....
  13. rascus213

    In what order do you like KH?

    bbs kh2 kh1 Re:com sorry but kh1 was frustrating to play through, didnt have as good voice acting, didnt really like alot of the character designs i do however wish more things like trinities and more explorable worlds had been added to kh2 bbs is my favorite though, best battle system, and...
  14. rascus213

    The meaning of the "Mark of Mastery"

    but he only removed a single heart, and really he wanted his original body to disappear anyways
  15. rascus213

    Re:coded English Secret Ending

    Re: coded English Secret Ending if mickey saw aqua in the rod then why did he just leave her there....
  16. rascus213

    I wonder...

    well his heart could have gone anywhere after xta became a heartless yen sid said that with asod and xemnas defeated it ultimatly meant the return of mx but does that mean that xta will be recreated and all three hearts will return there or the hearts will go and recreate seperate entities
  17. rascus213

    Re:coded English Secret Ending

    Re: coded English Secret Ending yet in this ending yed sid tell him of mx and mickey seems to know who that is
  18. rascus213

    Re:coded English Secret Ending

    Re: coded English Secret Ending wait mickey met mx and knew about all his plots and such then why, when he visted ansem and ax(apprentice) came in an was all like "regarding the experiment" and stw said no Xehonort wouldnt mickey remebered that name, or does he really just have that bad of a...
  19. rascus213

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    true dat (omg 25 charecter limit is back....)
  20. rascus213

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    yea demmy was so epic, but i just recently played through this again and i swear, someone needs to make a wtf inspirational poster with the face sora made