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    Help/Support ► The Ultimate Journal

    Could you try to memorize the formulas or very least write them in your journal? Also I suggest trying to do the problems that are being given out by your teacher aka your mom. I'm certain that's one way that can help you. Have you tried that method yet?
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    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    Don't you mean Jesse? For a sec I thought you were talking about a girl. As much as I like Selena Gomez, she would make a terrible Aqua. Isn't Aqua older sounding too? I cannot picture anybody else in the Disney industry exception of Jesse McCartney and Meghan Jette Martin doing Kingdom...
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    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    Although I would and could say Marluxia. I'm going to go with Vexen. He was annoying with his laughing and freezing around. I also hated Larxene. She was quite annoying but I defeated her after about 20 times.
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    Master Eraqus and...Xigbar?

    Aside from what everybody else already pointed out. Also Xigbar does not have a mustache like Eraqus does and that their skin color is different.
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    This game looks extremely exciting. The fact that Tinkerbell talks amuses and surprises me a bit. Aqua sounds younger then expected, wasn't her voice supposed to sound more deeper though?
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    Help/Support ► Party Pleasers

    Who would want to do chores at a party? Unless it was a requirement for him or something, then that'd be out of the question. Unless you can play games. Teamwork games. Not technically 'teamwork' but you know games that involves team. If that's even fair. As for my own suggestion: I was going...
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    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    Master Eraqus is interesting name for an interesting looking character. I can't wait to see him! He looks a samurai master. Land of Departure, somehow I feel like a 'Disney' like world too but can't place my finger on it, if not, eithier way, original or Disney, it'll be interesting to see!
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    Favorite KH2 Org. Member

    No Luxord? I'm sad as it would be nice to see him on the poll. I would have to say that I think this guy is interesting. He has a way with challenging his opponents in a form of a card game instead of bring out his own set of weapons. I like card games. He was one of my absolute favorites...
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    who still wants jesse mccartney to be ven?

    I like Jesse McCartney's voice. So why not? If they pick somebody else, I don't think I'd really care as long as they were good enough and or have good voice quality. You know......something that doesn't sound like Ven....now that'd be a disappointment.
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    Help/Support ► Girl Advice

    If your gonna ask her, my advice: Don't freak her out in anyway and just be yourself as well as not freaking out yourself about it. Otherwise.....I agree with this: It could be pretty risky but I think it's worth it depending on how much you two know each other and so forth.
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    Wayne Allwine tribute in Days

    I'm glad to hear they at least they had some kind of tribute to him. Awww he'll be missed dearly. =/ R.I.P. Wayne Allwine, you were one of my favorites and always will be the voice of the Mouse to me (even if Disney did the original).
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    New Famitsu Scans & Translations! Dwarf Woodlands + Neverland [FINAL]

    I love how the seven dwarfs are going to be in the game. I'm excited to see how Ven interacts with them and so forth. I also can't wait to experience Dwarfs Woodland, looks like a very interesting world and the fact that it shows Terra and the Queen seem to have an alliance going on, seems to...
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    BBS Soundtrack?

    I'm sure they'll be a new song and Utada Hikaru will only sing if she wants to but from what I hear, I don't think she's doing so as she doesn't like the Disney requirements but if she does, she'll find a way to make a good song, as for now, we'll just have to wait and found out don't we?
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    Help/Support ► Great, I Have Another Issue....Go Figure.

    Hey sorry to hear you are having problems! My best suggestion is to work it out with him by talking to him and telling him how you feel and tell him what he's doing to doesn't seem fair. Not to mention that if he's going treat you like that he's obviously not respecting you at all or being a...
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    I agree with the Vincent Valentine similarity too. Just a way of Nomura saying, "Here's a piece of Vincent." or rather he wanted Cloud to have an inspired Vincent look. Oh wait, CuteChic just said that. XD I like it by the way, it's definately worth representing him and Vincent! =]
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    Fanfiction ► Sora Has No Life Chat Room CHAPTER 4 IS UP!!!

    Re: Sora Has No Life Chat Room It was pretty funny. Oh my god. Chatrooms stories like these make me laugh. XD Who's MuffinsRuls? lol.
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    What IS wrong with KH2 Aerith?

    She had a great voice but her monotone and boring voice just ddin't appeal. She seemed alright but the acting could of been better to where it was belieavable and that's just my opinion on the matter.
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    Help/Support ► Please help and support me

    I don't think you should stop saying anything. I mean just say it but say it in a way he'll understand like, "I know we're friends and all but I'm not comfortable with this decision.....," or whatever you have to say. Of course say it in a way that you still like/care about him as a friend...
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    Fanfiction ► Shades of Gray (if you read it, please comment)

    Re: Shades of Gray I like it so far. It's like 'Wait what happened to King Mickey' Well I'm still reading the first few chapters. =] Keep up the good work!
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    Zexion and Riku

    I think it's with that of his abilities and I'm talking about Zexion. Maybe they have similiar.....what's the word?...characteristics?