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  1. Mistearea

    Mistearea's Works

    Title is there since I'll be including everything that I do in this thread, but in Spoilers for different works. And while I mainly plan to use this as a tertiary saving method, I do encourage feedback. But please keep in mind that these are typically all WIPs and rough drafts. And if I break...
  2. Mistearea

    Help/Support ► Should I come back?

    Well, glad to see that the mods and other random members are still supportive. Speaking of mods, when in the world did you become a mod, Kit?! Last time I was here you were just another member like me!
  3. Mistearea

    Help/Support ► Should I come back?

    Umm, Kit, they're in the RP section about as much as I was. It would be kind odd to have me and even one of them in the same RP since I wouldn't see any of their posts. This would in turn mess with the story as a whole. That's why I never used the ignore function in the past.
  4. Mistearea

    Help/Support ► Should I come back?

    Well the thing is, they started out as my friends. Hell, my first friends on here actually. But then they found out something about me, and things just went downhill from there. I tried to just ignore it at first, but things just kept escalating until I finally had enough and left.
  5. Mistearea

    Help/Support ► Should I come back?

    Yup. I'm one of those that left the site, and now I've got the urge to come back. The only issue though is that while the pull from the site is strong, I'm also feeling a push from three members. One more than any of the others. And the thing about it is that they were the reason that I left...
  6. Mistearea

    High School Blues ~A Romance RP~ [Collab between Mistearea and <3]

    St. Augustine: A boarding school located deep in the heart of the United States of America. Established precisely 100 years ago, the school focuses on children considered to be gifted in certain fields. It does so by offering not only an advanced curriculum to help students reach his or her...
  7. Mistearea

    Katawa Shoujo - A Cannon Romance RP

    You are a student of Yamaku Academy. Is this your first year here or are you a returning student? Either way the first thing that you will notice is that many of the students have some form of disability. This can range from anything internal such as a heart defect of some sort, to something...
  8. Mistearea

    Fanfiction ► Solace in Night

    Using Haruka back then was pretty fun as well, but looking at this makes me think that I GMed like crazy in that fight.
  9. Mistearea

    The mark of my return!

    Alright, I'm back and hopefully for good this time. Now, to mark this I was thinking about making a canon RP for something that I'm certain has not been done yet. Starship Troopers. I saw the fourth movie while I was gone and was starting to think that a good RP could be made from this. At...
  10. Mistearea

    I'll let her name it. [Something from the minds of Mega and Mist]

    Mega and I have decided to do something a little fun. I just recently learned that it's called a "Round Robin", but something tells me in cases like that, the other person knows what to expect. Not in this case. We have decided to take turns on entries to write something based solely on...
  11. Mistearea

    Justin Bieber helps girl with rare condition

    Okay, title was just to get attention. This is something I found while clicking through Facebook of all things and just wanted to share it. Justin Bieber helps a girl with a rare condition.
  12. Mistearea

    Help/Support ► I'm not good at this, but I'd like to ask for some advice...

    That's how I was back in my regular school days, but then I decided to try something. That something was to act like I do online. It's rewarded me with some fairly interesting friends and stories. They way that I see it is liking real life to this forum. The avatar is the face and the name...
  13. Mistearea

    Help/Support ► I'm not good at this, but I'd like to ask for some advice...

    The work, I can't really say anything about. I mean, just give it your all. As for the connections thing, this is what I have to say. You are the complete opposite of your real life self on here, as are many other people. The best advice I can offer is to just be your true self, which I'm...
  14. Mistearea

    Fanfiction ► Black Lagoon Untitled (WARNING!!! MATURE CONTENT! NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!)

    My grandma moved out so I have more time. Now to just get the inspiration part working. Well here's Chapter 4! Rock stands uncomfortably at the opening to a makeshift shooting range with a Glock 18 in his hand. He slowly looks down at the woman setting up a target made to look like a human...
  15. Mistearea

    Puella Magi Unmei Magica RP Thread

    Nestled safely next to an emergency exit of one of the largest hospitals in the city a single spot keeps getting easily overlooked. Examine the spot a bit more with the right magical abilities and one finds themselves in a space that is nothing like the world outside of a Modern Art exibit at a...
  16. Mistearea

    Fanfiction ► Black Lagoon Untitled (WARNING!!! MATURE CONTENT! NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!)

    It's been a while, but I haven't forgotten this thing. Just running into issues in finding the time and inspiration to type. It's only a small update now and the next chapter is in the works. I'd wager about halfway done. Balalaika stands in her spot of a small circle and looks from one...
  17. Mistearea

    List the Quote!

    It's really easy. Give a quote that you feel is deep, funny or just random. If you know who said it, list them. If it came from a song, movie or whatever then list that too. "I'm tired of these mother-fucking zombies in this mother-fucking strip club!" Johnny "Backhand" Vegas...
  18. Mistearea

    Keyblades=practical weapons?

    I've actually noticed that the more powerful keyblades tend to have blades and are not blunt, but the strong ones that are blunt typically reduce your speed. Take in KH1 the Metal Chocobo and Oblivion keyblades. Oblivion is bladed and one of the most powerful in the game, same with Metal...
  19. Mistearea

    Fanfiction ► Black Lagoon Untitled (WARNING!!! MATURE CONTENT! NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!)

    Actually, if you watch the series you'll learn exactly why he doesn't use guns. He tells Revy, I think, straight out why he doesn't like them.
  20. Mistearea

    Post that Opening!

    Not so much a game, as a contest. Who would win? Anime? Video Games? Or something else entirely? If it's a show, movie or whatever then post the opening! And to help keep score, copy the current scores listed in the above person's post and simply add yours to the number of the category...