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  1. matrix8140

    Anime/Manga ► World Trigger (We have a Preview of the Anime!)

    World Trigger (Welp, Manga > Anime) Anybody reads World Trigger? It's a new manga in Shonen Jump with tactical battles, although they've just started happening around chapter 26, and some slight gore due to the characters using fake bodies in combat. I do believe that the fake bodies won't...
  2. matrix8140

    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D's story on par with main titles and will have a shocking ending. >.> I thought that at first. Wanna bet that Sora becomes master after Riku rejects the title and goes to the darkside again to go undercover without telling anyone. >.> So Basically Sora becomes master, and...
  3. matrix8140

    Help/Support ► Website Trouble

    Nope I'm not talking about KHI. It's another website with a forum. I have tried using different browsers(used google, and FF) other than IE. I have also cleared my cache/cookies. NOTHING.
  4. matrix8140

    Help/Support ► Website Trouble

    Well I usually go to this website everyday. Since yesterday however I can't get into it. All of the people that I know say that it works fine. And It works great on other computers? Can anyone give me a reason why this is happening, and a solution to this problem?
  5. matrix8140

    Keyblade Stances...

    Kairi's keyblade stance was beastly. It should be the only way to hold it. ;D And Sora looked weird holding the keyblade in that stance when I first played KH. IMO the best stance is Valor form or Wisdom form.
  6. matrix8140

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    ._. Well seeing as his theme is time and space, he probably will have alot to do with the keyblade wars, and Sora's latest adventure. I'm going to take it another step and say he is somewhat a time traveler.
  7. matrix8140


    Homefront Video Game, E3 2010: Debut Interview | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com Basically Korea is back with a big uknowut and is ready to screw us. We aren't a super power no more, civllians=soldiers and Korea have invaded us. Discuss this game here.
  8. matrix8140


    I just feel like writing some bars. I'm the bonding of the theory of evolution/Mixed with retribution/That and Man's conclusion/And rolling models contribution/Watching the grass for snakes like Adam/Full of positives, surrounded by negatives, the human atom/See some teachers can ignore the...
  9. matrix8140

    What The Hell is a Jay Electronica?

    The Man behind the mystery? Who is the artist?
  10. matrix8140

    Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

    Anyone seen this show? Its about conspiracy theories. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conspiracy_Theory_(TV_series) This would be the thread to discuss it.
  11. matrix8140

    The Destati Voice

    idk why but I always thought it was Kingdom hearts. :v I don't know if this was disproven but it sounds good to me.
  12. matrix8140

    Nomura, you are reeeealy streching it this time

    O.o so you find it confusing... I don't think he's going to far. Yes its confusing, and so is Metal Gear if you haven't played all of the games, or did your research. :V Just a couple somethin' months ago, I swear I heard people complaning over not much information really being given from Coded...
  13. matrix8140

    Secret Boss

    omgsh I estimated that there is a 99% chance of him being invincible.
  14. matrix8140

    The mastermind behind Organization 13

    Re: Braig is the Mastermind behind Organization XIII!!! He started it possibly. Xemnas then took it over :v. I understand that you don't like the theory. Though I love for a skeptic to try and debunk it.
  15. matrix8140

    Secret ending, perfect quality and WITH SOUND.

    xD Ansem the Wise looks like a pedo with that kid eating ice cream.
  16. matrix8140

    Birth By Sleep Game Script/Menu Translations (Request)

    Would love if someone translated this scene YouTube - KH Birth by Sleep - Xehanort/Riku at Destiny Islands lol its not really much to translate, but I want to know what he says.
  17. matrix8140

    new Mysterious Silver man!?

    >.> He's a teenager ain't he?
  18. matrix8140


    >.> Peopel can't say I told you so, if half of the players thought so.
  19. matrix8140


    O.o wouldn't MX have a nobody?
  20. matrix8140

    Episode 7 Summary! [SPOILERS]

    If this is true, I hope its a side game or something. I don't like the sound of it . Though this might be the Mystery KH if you look at it in a different angle. Sora goes back and sees about the keyblade's history. If this is KH3 >.> there better be crazy stuff in it.