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  1. Siren

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You iOS port? Oh fuck yeah, that sounds awesome. TWEWY in my pocket, all the time.
  2. Siren

    Podcast Logo

    Best viewed, I dunno. You could just follow this link. Comments? Also, I know it's Helvetica Neue. I'm sorry. At least not ALL of it's Helvetica, right? I have some Menlo in there (the 'happened' bit, for those of you that can't see the difference)
  3. Siren


    Decided to make one for myself with Pixelmator. I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out; enough to run it on my site, anyway. Here's a blown up view: I might smooth it out later (Pixelmator 2 is going to be my best friend) but, as I said, for now I'm content. Comments, criticisms? And...
  4. Siren

    Favicon and possible logo design

    [NOTE: CLOUD BEST GET HIS ASS IN HERE MENG] So, today I finally posted to my new site: Nathaniel Mott - Journal. As you may have noticed, the favicon is kinda...gross. It's SquareSpace's default favicon, and I'm looking to change it. If anyone is interested in talking with me about developing...
  5. Siren

    improving photos within aperture (not that it really matters wtf)

    So I went ahead and tried to 'spice up' a photo of my girlfriend and our nephew at the zoo, here's the shot: I was trying to emphasize the light on both of them, and the right side is the water (we were in a viewing thing for sea lions and a polar bear) so if you want you can ignore that the...
  6. Siren

    Help/Support ► Google Chrome

    Setting up Chrome Sync (in the little 'wrench' icon/menu) makes it easy to get at stuff whenever you're at someone else's computer. Other than that, you COULD take a look at the webstore, but I don't know how much good it will do.
  7. Siren


    I've been reading into these different belief-sets, and I'm wondering if any members here follow either one (or both) or are knowledgeable enough to have an informer conversation. I'm still reading through a good deal of text from various websites, but knowledge is best gained through...
  8. Siren

    One of the most original things I've seen in a long time.

    Kill Screen - Infinity Blade Review Read that review. Pay attention, after you hit the 'bloodline' button. What that man did with a review for a simple, repetitive (but still fun) mobile game is simply fantastic. Best review I've read, of anything. Do it.
  9. Siren

    logo for DMI

    Tried my hand at this; didn't want to do too much with it, but I knew that I wanted 'illustrated' to be more human than 'digital media'. dmi logo.psd That's the PSD, I tried saving a GIF or JPEG of the file but they look like shit (and, with the transparent background, would be practically...
  10. Siren

    Sleeping with Sirens- Let's Cheers to This

    Annoying title aside--seriously, I don't understand why they added the 's' to Cheer--this album is really, really solid if you're into Pierce the Veil/Broadway. Definitely better than their first release. Anyone else been listening?
  11. Siren

    went to the zoo today

    Had a good time; got some shots that I thought turned out fairly well. Everything taken with my iPhone 4 and Instagram.
  12. Siren

    icon color test

    Designing something, and I'd like the primary color to be orange. Those are some examples of icons; really what I'd like comments on is the color, as I used PS default shapes for the heart+mail icons, and I'll go into Illustrator and make my own later. Colors good? Decent outline? edit: by...
  13. Siren


    I'm making what I'm (lovingly) referring to as a 'Kindllection' of short stories. And, I would like all of you to go ahead and 'vote' for what your favorite story--or stories--of mine are. The plan is, obviously, to get it on the Kindle store; depending on the number of stories I end up...
  14. Siren


    If you aren't using this yet, and you ever have to use more than one computer, you really should be. It's a cloud-syncing service that gives you 2GB of storage for free, and if you do referrals, you can get even more free space. There are paid options as well. This might sound like an...
  15. Siren

    Help/Support ► Money, Money, Money.....

    >assuming he works full time
  16. Siren

    Help/Support ► Money, Money, Money.....

    >barely makes 200 a week that's $10,400 a year. for most people our age, that's not bad at all. shit, I make anywhere from $130-200 a week. tell your friend to talk to his family. nothing else you can do.
  17. Siren

    Help/Support ► Uploading onto DeviantART is a pain in the...

    First, it's 'upload', not 'download'. Second, if you're just doing stories, then all you have to do is copy/paste from whatever you have them stored in to the deviantart website. =/
  18. Siren


    The first time that I lost my virginity was the day after Christmas. It was with a guy that I barely new named something. I had told him the night before that I planned on losing my virginity, and the first thing he said was "Show some respect. You'll stay a virgin until after Jesus'...
  19. Siren

    Help/Support ► A bit of a dilemma

    >p.s. you don't actually deserve either of them. yep
  20. Siren

    Help/Support ► Laptops: Vaio vs. Alienware

    Girlfriend's broke two weeks after she bought it because of a faulty motherboard and something (it escapes me at the moment) else. Most of this is Best Buy's fault but it took five weeks to get it back. I don't recommend Toshiba after that, really.