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  1. Nine-Tailed Fox

    *sneaks in through the back door*

    ...anybody still remember me? anybody-? *crickets* ;-; Haha well it's been a while~ I'm not sure how long i'll be able to stick around but! Yo!~ o/ (on a side note my art thread is basically a year old now-- i'd like to revive it, but do I need to make a new one or-?)
  2. Nine-Tailed Fox

    Star's Art Thread~☆°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

    About time I got around to making an art thread where I can just dump everything. =u= Gonna dump my most recent stuff, yo~ (p l e a s e ignore that second collab entry; it was back in august and i pulled an all-nighter trying to get something done before the deadline) THE BEST HAS YET 2...
  3. Nine-Tailed Fox

    Anime/Manga ► MyAnimeList - What's Yours?

    For anyone who doesn't know (I realize everyone here must), MyAnimeList is essentially a site where you can create a list of Anime and Manga you've watched/read, are watching/reading, or plan to watch/read. It's good for keeping track, but also a great and easy way to share your list with...
  4. Nine-Tailed Fox

    [Belated] Anniversary and 1'000 Posts!

    FINALLY Time to celebrate my -slightly belated as it was last month on the 14th- 5 year anniversary at KHI, and finally reaching 1,000 posts!! Guys. My life has meaning now. I can die happy. though i think you need a soul in order to die but i sold mine to this place long ago sadly
  5. Nine-Tailed Fox

    since it's 'Nostalgia Month'...

    i say we all whip out our oldest sig and avvy talk like noobs aka bad grammar and no punctuation u nerd post triple replies refer to certain kh characters as we did before we knew the official names put lots of emoticons :D blame the staff becuase theyre bad people who look down on us and call...
  6. Nine-Tailed Fox

    What difficulty do you start on?

    Like everyone else, I use to choose the easiest setting. I was always afraid of choosing the hardest (because it scared me for some reason? lol kids). Now, it just depends mostly on the story. If I really want to know what happens in the story, i'll put it on standard (because i'm impatient)...
  7. Nine-Tailed Fox

    Tech ► CISPA - The Newest Threat to Online Privacy

    Here's the link to the petition (you don't have to live in the USA to sign it, so if you can spare a moment, sign it please!) CISPA Petition - Stop CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) As mentioned above, watching this video will help explain it in better perspective. None...
  8. Nine-Tailed Fox

    that thread you had to search for but found is five years old and contains a topic already mentioned

    -we're sorry this thread has been closed by the modz even though this thread is only extremely old how do they even have a good reason for doing this but you know how they are man the y suk lulz but you better watch out because if you make multiple threads or threads about multiple threads then...
  9. Nine-Tailed Fox

    February 4th means...

    I'm officially 19 I guess? Woohoo go me!~ ... can we have cake now i'm starving :c and wOW I've been here all this time and still don't have 1,000 posts man i'm a loser
  10. Nine-Tailed Fox

    Happy Halloween!~

    I'm either blind, very bad at searching for threads, or both (probably the latter), but I didn't see this thread this year so... HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Sorry, no fancy gifs or flashy graphics. Just some colored text!~ (because i'm lazy haha-- ok actually it's hard to do from a phone) How are you...
  11. Nine-Tailed Fox

    Help/Support ► The 'Make-You-Feel-Better' Thread

    I will carry the words that were generated for me in my heart for the rest of my life. *tears up a little* I feel like I have the confidence to finally try and get a job, and hey, maybe even make friends! ...haha who am I kidding who needs friends No. More like how the rest of society views...
  12. Nine-Tailed Fox

    Princess Zelda (Skyward Sword)

    This was never intended to be an actual finished piece, but one thing led to another and I ended up doing hours of painful pixel cleaning. :I No fancy pose, bad shading (because at that point I was getting lazy), and the BG really only looks good when viewed in 3D on a 3DS. Sadly enough...
  13. Nine-Tailed Fox

    KH3D Final Mix Speculation Thread

    Yes, thank you. I've always wondered what was so hard to understand if you were really paying attention. If you're playing a game for the story, you'd best be prepared to at least use your head to some extent. If not, just play it for the gameplay and don't complain about the story. Also, I...
  14. Nine-Tailed Fox

    What highlights the game.

    These~ Gameplay is addictive, and arguably the best to date in the series thanks to the added flowmotion. Music is wonderful as usual. I loved how big and open the maps were. The story itself was a bit of a mindkupo, but I enjoyed it because of that.
  15. Nine-Tailed Fox

    Gamestop Promotional Stuff

    Haha, oh youuu-- BETTER NOT BE SERIOUS. I ALREADY CLAIMED IT. We don't have much at the one near me. Just the commercial and an advertisement on one of the posters. :I
  16. Nine-Tailed Fox

    Sora's Vest!! (T-shirt Preorder)

    They wasted money and materials on a poorly executed t-shirt. The print isn't even stretched properly. Though I'd buy one as well, a replica is asking too much, I suppose, since SE would make sure to do it themselves (and charge an arm and a leg for it).
  17. Nine-Tailed Fox

    I'm on the Mirror's Edge

    Only posting this up since I haven't posted at all in ages. Might even post up some fanfic stuff after, idk. Me (the way I draw myself, anyway) doing some free running (aka parkour). The background is from the game "Mirror's Edge". CnC is cool, but as far as...
  18. Nine-Tailed Fox

    Fanfiction ► FanFiction.Net Profile Directory

    Re: Fanfiction.net account thread Star Hakurei - FanFiction.Net Ugh, only have two things up atm. One is a LuigixDaisy fanfic that was requested by someone, and the other is a Rosalina fanfic that I started writing last month; there are only three chapters up so far (why have I only written...
  19. Nine-Tailed Fox

    Blaze The Cat Icons/Emoticons

    Made these earlier today. Credit for the lovely Blaze MMD model goes to SonicSpriter25. If you want the link just let me know. Sizes are all 150x150, but you may request another size. Feel free to use, and credit is appreciated.~ "Sorry" ~~~~~~~~~~ *shock* ~~~~~~~~~~ Blaze ~~~~~~~~~~...
  20. Nine-Tailed Fox

    Lady of The Lake

    It's been forever since my last attempt, and boy oh boy, do I need to practice or what? The stock and bg don't even blend well, but w/e. At least you guys will have some fun picking this apart. ~