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    DUDE THE MEMORIES HERE. <3 Bye everybody..

    I've been a long time member. Lot's of drama here i remember lol. What like 3 years here? Off and On? Had a GFX Shop (Probably closed) Now, I'm in collage. I just want to say goodbye to everybody who still goes here that remembers me. I've just wanted to say goodbye to everybody. You people...
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    The Skye's the limit

    Hey, you guy probbly dont remember me, but yeah, say hi, if you want
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    I feel a little funky in the stock...(Bet has to do in sharpening) Ver.2 The stock in this one looks clear up. IMO Edit: Epic Fail, i just realized that was Ventus not Roxas...
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    This Sucks

    The left is too open, Over Smudging and i made the stock look too low Quality. EH CnC
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    BBS Boss List (Spoilers!)

    a total of 33 must beat bosses....master your making me want this game soooo bad...<_<
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    One More Try..

    Over all i did alot of smudging. Cnc :3
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    I've been really getting Cnc for this tag, but i've been just lazy.
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    Help/Support ► How can I get taller?

    Sleep for about....10 days strait to grow 1/2 of a inch
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    Would you like a remote stuff up your ***?

    YersIyzsOpc A direct tv remote that is..
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    Naruto and Star Wars...

    Er, sorry no man try again ^^
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    Eh, something i did at school.

    We have photoshop Elements and i was bored after a project i did. If you see that pink bird thingy, i just used a light source and smudged it.
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    But hell who knows, it'll be different for different people
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    What really gets me is that amount of damage that aqua obtained. 0_0
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    kh bbs DLC

    Noumara stated thees not gonna be DLC. and please stop double posting.
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    Air In The Stars

    Interactive PART! YouTube - Chain - Underwater Mix Put this on before you read! Running, Can't we fly in the sky? [Pun not taken]. Going here and there. It's a simple thing, but we need something that lets you go to the stars, at night..... Pant* *Pant* "Seriously, can't school start at...
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    ♠The One Hit Limit Graphics♠

    Rules and Guidelines 1. We need a good quality of a stock. Crisp & clear and big will work. Number one rule here, the bigger the better ;D 2. Please be patient if your request takes long. We do have lives and will work on your request on OUR free time. 3. Try not to overflow us, you may...
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    Gummi Ships

    Nomura Stated that he said, gummi ships wont be used in birth by sleep, It was somewhat like the organizations portals
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    How many of you are buying BBS?

    DUH. Why not?
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    City Of My Dreams

    C&C (Thought i should've went to a different way that i usually go, I messed with the brushe options and i found this thing called divide, looks pretty sick when i use it)