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  1. JustDarkMemories

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    My brain just exploded along with my eyes and heart, GOD that video was... I can't describe it. It shook me up so much. So many new stuff, weird stuff that will probably create many theories, new gameplay elements, blah blah blah!!! AWESOME. DOES NOT. BONKING. DESCRIBE IT!!!
  2. JustDarkMemories

    Was Xemnas truly a Nobody?

    Hoooo, waitaminutethere. Does Roxas have a heart? When did this happen???
  3. JustDarkMemories

    *CONFIRMED* Pinocchio World + Jump Scans

    Next time please try to put the pictures in a "spoiler warning" because they take up too much space in the page :) So, what scans are these? Have we seen them before?
  4. JustDarkMemories

    Fake Riku in Monstro?

    Come on, give the KH team a break. It's just a small mistake that messes with the storyline. It's not a fake Riku, it's just an incomplete chapter of the game.
  5. JustDarkMemories

    *CONFIRMED* Pinocchio World + Jump Scans

    Not really... maybe for Notre Dame but not for Pinocchio. I hated Monstro back in KH1 after all.
  6. JustDarkMemories

    Cloaked figure in Blank Points?

    I gotta read some more interviews. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. JustDarkMemories

    *CONFIRMED* Pinocchio World + Jump Scans

    Do we have any footage of the Pinocchio world or is it just the scans? Just asking.
  8. JustDarkMemories

    Apprentice Xehanort's Eyes

    Well it's a discovery, but not the greatest one. Maybe Nomura thought brown would match white hair. Or maybe not putting green eyes (blue+yellow) hints that Apprentice Xehanort is a whole new person, a new character, a new saga. How about that?
  9. JustDarkMemories

    *CONFIRMED* Pinocchio World + Jump Scans

    So it's confirmed... Can't say I got too excited. Well, it's news so yay anyways!
  10. JustDarkMemories

    Question about how KH was written

    He's a really good storywriter. He's the guy that made Kingdom Hearts after all... About his methods, I have no idea. Look up his interviews, maybe he has revealed something.
  11. JustDarkMemories

    *CONFIRMED* Pinocchio World + Jump Scans

    re: *CONFIRMED* Pinocchio World The tranlation is an EPIC FAIL, cheers Google~ Monstro was one of my least favorite worlds. I hope it burns in darkness. I really hope this "info" is false.
  12. JustDarkMemories

    Apprentice Xehanort's Eyes

    Re: WAY IMPORTANT CHECK OUT WHAT I FOUND! SPOILER ALERT UNLESS YOU HAVE BEAT BBS AND SEEN ALL SECRET That's what we love about Nomura my friend, he lets the fanbase do all the research. It would be boring if we knew every detail about the KHverse. That's what little easter eggs like the one...
  13. JustDarkMemories

    3D to Appear in Next Week's Famitsu!

    OH my GOD I'll be asleep too... At least I'll have something to wake up for! Awesome! Can't wait to discuss about the new world!
  14. JustDarkMemories

    Question About Realm of Sleep

    Correct. Think of worlds as beings with will. As it sleeps, it wishes to return to light. It knows it's made of other worlds but it also knows that it has a heart of its own. It may not have been a full-fledged "world" before in KH1, but if it awakens, it will be stable and independent like...
  15. JustDarkMemories

    A bonkload of Questions!

    I've done some research on the KH games I haven't played yet (KH:CoM, KH Re:Coded) and the ones I've played, and I have some questions/ theories/ whatever it's called. I'll start with the one that made me most curious. So, the Keyblade Armor is an armored suit worn by Keyblade Wielders. We've...
  16. JustDarkMemories

    Theory on the Shocking Ending for KH3D

    Lol nope, I haven't seen it... Anyways thanks, that was enlightening. it made a theory/question come to my head (I'll post it). Another question: What about Terra? What happened to his heart when Xehanort was divided (Ansem SoD and Xemnas)?
  17. JustDarkMemories

    Theory on the Shocking Ending for KH3D

    Isn't Xehanort dead? I mean his heartless is Ansem SoD and his Nobody is Xemnas, which means he's dead, right? So how does he return in the end of KH3D? *confused*
  18. JustDarkMemories

    Cloaked figure in Blank Points?

    How is it confirmed? I mean we have all the evidence (voice actor etc) but is it officially confirmed by Nomura or another KH team member? I needed it for the second task for the content writers (which I didn't finish in time due to motherBONKING exams) but now it interests me more.
  19. JustDarkMemories

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    Re: HD Remaster/Remake Discussion Thread Um, isn't kingdom hearts' graphics a little too cartoon-like to be HD remastered? Just sayin'.
  20. JustDarkMemories

    Cloaked figure in Blank Points?

    Ok, thanks a bunch *phew* That explains... stuff.