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  1. okhi12

    KH theme that sounds like Billie Eilish‘s new song?

    It vaguely reminds me of something, not sure if it's from KH though. Another reason to replay Melody of Memory and find out.
  2. okhi12

    A Thought Experiment

    I remove Lea by giving up Axel, who is not the same character for me (I hate Lea, I like Axel). I remove KH3 ptsd Aqua by giving up 0.2 Aqua. I remove Nameless star by giving up Stella in FFXV. Oh, wait... To be honest, I'd leave the KH series as it is, ups and downs, light and darkness. I...
  3. okhi12

    What date would you set as the "official" Kingdom Hearts Day and why?

    This. It has an actual importance, while July 13th is kinda silly for me. Almost as much as Star Wars "may the force" which I find ridiculous.
  4. okhi12

    What Keyblade do you think would be fitting for Oswald and why?

    Oblivion, because he's a forgotten character.
  5. okhi12

    About time travel... (Fun discussion)

    In Prisoner of Azkaban it was a closed time loop in which events happened the exact same way but we saw it from a different perspective the second time. In KH3 the first time Sora used time travel in the Keyblade Graveyard it wasn't a time loop at all, at first there was a different outcome and...
  6. okhi12

    About the Master Keeper Keyblade... (Fun discussion)

    I think that keyblade has some special properties and it appeared there only when it was needed in order to save Aqua, the keyblade knew Sora was connected to her and it was the right time for him to save her. Other examples would be its ability to transform Land of Departure into Castle...
  7. okhi12

    What do you think would happen if Mickey bought the Book of Prophecies in his journey from Scala ad Caelum?

    Mickey learning about the Union X/Missing Link era via the Book of Prophecies (points B and C) is a fairly likely scenario, unless the main island of Scala is still inhabited and Mickey gets that information from someone instead. I would really love a spin-off similar to Re:coded or Dream Drop...
  8. okhi12

    We have successfully infiltrated Congress

    Did I summon that one by using certain words? Are they able to do that?
  9. okhi12

    We have successfully infiltrated Congress

    For sure lol. At first I thought this was one of those spam threads posted by bots.
  10. okhi12

    Kingdom Hearts series is coming to PS Extra!

    Cool, now more people will give the KH series a chance and find out they like it!
  11. okhi12

    Worlds you wish Disney had to the rights to put in Kingdom Hearts

    Bleach. Hollows are heartless in all but name. Or are they nobodies?
  12. okhi12

    Worlds you wish Disney had to the rights to put in Kingdom Hearts

    Digimon would be pretty cool and it actually fits the KH lore. Data worlds exist in KH and data beings can have their own hearts. Also, the bond between digidestined/tamers and their partner digimon is similar to KH connections and friendship. Even the digivice is somewhat similar to a keyblade...
  13. okhi12

    Spoilers ► has anyone noticed a certain scene in Thor Love and Thunder? (Fun discussion)

    I don't think they took inspiration from KH, or at least not exclusively from KH. Boundless oceans with clear or cloudy skies are often used in media as a representation of a higher, spiritual plane of existence or some kind of primal era and/or place. I can't come up with examples right now but...
  14. okhi12

    The Master of Master's Identity Crisis

    Secret Ending from KINGDOM HEARTS 3.99 Definitive Episode Prelude. Atop the 104 buiding, Sora meets a man in a black coat. Sora: Who are you? MoM: Notgoingtobebigorshocking. Sora: What? MoM: ... that's my name. I'm Notgoingtobebigorshocking. Sora: Are you serious? MoM: Yep. I could tell you I'm...
  15. okhi12

    What do you think happened to the 4 Darknesses that were trapped inside the data world by the Player?

    The new Alba and Ater game Eraqus mentions in the KH3 epilogue only has 7 dark pieces. That doesn't necessarily mean the other 6 darknesses won't return but I don't think they will be as relevant as the 7 stronger ones.
  16. okhi12

    The meaning of XSuper the sigil in the Black Box

    There's a theory that the seven masters are in fact the opposites of their names and those names actually represent the 7 most powerful willful darknesses within them. Like some kind of ironic foreshadowing. It makes sense considering Vanitas is also a willful darkness and he was given a...
  17. okhi12

    TGS 2022 - Can we expect any news here?

    I don't have any expectations. If anything, most likely a new trailer for Missing Link which I don't really care about. They said there won't be any KH4 news for a while, it's too soon to expect new info about it. They also said there wouldn't be many games between KH3 and KH4, only Melody of...
  18. okhi12

    Colored health bars

    It took me a while to realise you mean enemy health bars, at first I didn't understand because the health bars of party members have always been green. I miss them because of how nostalgic KH1 is as a whole, but from an objective point of view the green health bars with the little squares below...
  19. okhi12

    Should we wait for a full-fledged game about Verum Rex starring Yozora?

    According to the anniversary event and the Famitsu interview discussing KH4, Missing Link and Dark Road Nomura said that some time ago he was considering both Verum Rex and KH4: The good news is that this confirms he's still planning to make a Verum Rex game but he decided to give priority to...
  20. okhi12

    [SPOILER] KINGDOM HEARTS Union X DARK ROAD Completion Commemorative Q&A

    Thanks! I didn't pay much attention to the artwork and I would have never been able to tell that's Miyashita Park, but now I see that structure in the background.