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  1. Ven1028


    So as we all know 13 is a very prominent number in the Kingdom Hearts Series and it's kind of fun to think and realize what comes in 13's in the series. With that being said, do any of you ever notice yourself counting the 13's in your life? I'm only asking because I was unloading my...
  2. Ven1028

    What difficulty do you start on?

    When I first started the series when I was younger I know I played on normal the first time through...and the second. I don't know when I moved up but I don't remember the last time I started the game and I wasn't at the hardest difficulty. I do it with every new kingdom hearts now, always the...
  3. Ven1028

    Anybody know what's in the bottle?

    At the end of 3d when Riku is on Destiny Islands, answers the philosophical questions, and then gets a bottle with a letter inside from the water. I know when he talks to Ansem the Wise they kind of say what it is...Ansem the Wise says it's his data digitized. "A clue finding yourselves or...
  4. Ven1028

    How did Axel do it?

    ahh...i can't seem to grasp his name is Lea, thanks for correcting me! That's an interesting thing though but I guess the whole speeding up time thing kind of goes with the time travel concept introduced in this game as well
  5. Ven1028

    How did Axel do it?

    I'm replaying 3D and I've just been waiting to replay the part at the end of the game where Axel saves the day...then I got to wondering, just how did Axel get a keyblade? If this topic has been posted before, sorry for making a duplicate thread. Otherwise, does anybody have any ideas on what...
  6. Ven1028

    New Weapon?

    This could potentially be a stupid post and even I don't really like what I'm about to say, but I'm just kind of curious as to others thoughts. After the Xehanort saga is finished do you guys think there's a possibility of a new weapon being what the main characters use instead of a keyblade...
  7. Ven1028

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Box Art!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX Box Art! Wasn't expecting anything like this...and I couldn't be happier! It's amazing.
  8. Ven1028

    Five of us, I mean the six of us

    that would make sense. i wasn't sure because she wasn't in the conversation prior to that really
  9. Ven1028

    Five of us, I mean the six of us

    in kingdom hearts 2 when you first get to mystic tower and are getting your new clothes Sora is talking about the organization. he says this: "Me, you guys, Riku, and the King. I don't care who this Organization is or what it's planning. With the five of us---I mean, six of us---there's...
  10. Ven1028

    Ansem or Xemnas?

    So who is stronger? i could be totally off base but it seems like Xemnas was because it took Sora and Riku both to beat him while it really only took Sora to beat Ansem...but I would think that they're pretty similar in strength because they're both part of Xehanort... Can anybody help clarify?
  11. Ven1028

    KH3D Site Officially Opened and Updated!

    i actually really like the song...i dont mind the circus sounding part now that ive heard it a few times. dearly beloved is amazing in all of its versions
  12. Ven1028

    this has always confused me

    yeah i wasn't too happy with how they didn't have many characters feel like they knew roxas somehow...i mean i understand genie because he's just so energetic and out there that he wouldn't take time to pay attention to something like that. but overall in days i was disappointed with how the...
  13. Ven1028

    this has always confused me

    haha thats definitely the truth...i guess i should've just expected her to be like that lol
  14. Ven1028

    this has always confused me

    i know that. im just talking about why she said it the way she did is all
  15. Ven1028

    this has always confused me

    it makes sense to me, i thought this too. i just didn't understand why she said it the way she did and if there was any significance to it
  16. Ven1028

    do you think there will be

    oh right i was referring to an awakening, thanks :). but i kind of hope we get one...maybe their dream selves need to be introduced to using the keyblades? this is just a quick thought theory but I would love to go into an awakening with them...especially riku
  17. Ven1028

    this has always confused me

    in kh2 during the scene where kairi is talking to roxas at the beginning when roxas is falling off the station tower, she gets a clue to sora's name from sora. he says "ill give you a clue, it starts with an "S"". later in the scene kairi sends the letter in a bottle to sora, selphie says "i...
  18. Ven1028

    do you think there will be

    do you think there will be a deep dive scene in the beginning of the game? we've had one for all of the games except for days, and that's because technically we've been a "new" character or a new version of that character in every game but days. so will there be one for sora and riku's dream...
  19. Ven1028

    Another characters? photos inside

    is it just me or does the top ally look like a bear..? maybe baloo from jungle book? the picture would have him looking somewhat to the left for the picture by his health meter. maybe ive just stared at this for too long and am now seeing things...i dont know lo
  20. Ven1028

    KH3D TGS 2011 page.

    just reading through this thread is getting me so excited...im probably gonna have to go back and play the kh's...again lol