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    The wait

    Ok people. We all waited for this KH2 for a long time, but now, Tetsuya Nomura(bless him) is now making KH3. How muck do you think we'll have to wait for the next one? There is a little info about it on youtube. Carefull!! Spoilers in the secret vid...
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    KH3 Setting

    Ok, if you watch the secret movie in Kingdom Hearts 2, the three people are knights, or are just wearing armor. The setting might be in the past, since the three people are in armor!!!!!!!
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    Yellow Fusion

    i forgot to mention that it drains the drive bar faster.
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    Yellow Fusion

    Okay here i go. i was looking over at kh ultimania and it said somthing about a yellow fusion . It said that it is the fusion of the brave and wisdom forms . how it happens , i don't know , but it must be pretty powerful to use both of the forms. if you guys don't believe me go to kh ultimania...
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    BHK's Party

    This is just a crazy idea so i'm just throwing it out. Okay what if Riku and Mickey were BHK's party and they fought along side you ? Its just an idea , so don't flame me .
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    Cloud and Leon

    Do you guys think that we will be able to use Cloud or Leon in Hollow Bastion ? Do you think we'll be able to fuse with them ? I'm just asking
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    How do you beat seproth

    Okay 1.)Right when the battle starts use aeroga and start fighting him.2.) when he busts out "allah" use ars arcanem to hit him while your invinsible. 3.)when you take one bar he'll start using sin harvest. hit him right away or else he'll take away all of your magic and health except for a...
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    Gummi Ship

    Wouldnt it be cool if you could play with other peopl when your using the gummi ship! i know it says its not multiplayer , but it still would be cool right?
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    I think BHK can Fuse

    leave the guy alone. he as just posting what he saw. you cant expect him to notice its his collar !
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    Mickeys Keyblade

    Woldnt it be cool if in the game mickey gave you his keyblade?!
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    Special move

    Okay . you guys know that in kingdom hearts that trinity limit is the stongest move in the game right? well wouldnt it be cool if in kingdom hearts 2 you could make your own special move ! if you want to post any on this thread, go ahead.
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    Duel-Wielding Uknown

    It is exactly what neoriku said . In kingdom hearts or CoM When sora swings his arm , the keyblade just suddenly appears. don't beleive me, then just check your kingdom hearts game and find out.
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    Duel-Wielding Uknown

    IN deep dive , the hooded figure with oblivion and oathkeeper throws oblivion up to the blindfolded uknown. If you look carefully, you can see the duel-wielding uknown holding the kingdom key once he throws oblivion up . That means that probably the duel-wielding uknown might be Sora.
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    Cloud And Leon

    In the new kingdom hearts 2 demo, cloud and leon are seen fighting white heartless. The scenery behind them looks like that ice cavern in hollow bastion.
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    Make Your Own Special Move

    Woudn't it be cool if you get to make your own special move! It would be like Making trinity limit ;from kingdom hearts or something.
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    Two KH2 discs

    if anybody knows what the second disc is please post it. oh, and thank you.
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    Two KH2 discs

    In kh ultimania it says that the kingdom hearts 2 box will be holding 2 discs. if anybody knows this i'm sorry i wasted your time
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    TRUE Release Date

    Everybody is lieing to you! kindom hearts 2 will come out ine 2006. The month,February and the day will be the 2 . So..........HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    Courage Form And Heart Form

    In a magazine article i read, it said that when Cloud and Leon appear, they replace Donald and Goofy . you can then fuse with either one of them. Fusing with cloud gives you courage form . your clothes change to yellow and your attacks get harder and faster . Fusing with leon gives you heart...
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    KH11 Release For The U.S

    I have looked everywhere and found out that Kingdom Hearts 2 may not come out until February or March . I can't beleive that they pushed back the release date . They may have pushed it back for the voices. Other than square enix pushing back the release date , they might not put Riku in the game!