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  1. mouflon

    KHUX ► Offline mode

    Anybody else forget to backup their data? No? Just me then? All right. If anybody needs me I'll be in the corner with my dunce cap on.
  2. mouflon

    The "Simple and Clean" Experiences That Keep Us Going

    I love this idea! It’s great when something you love pops up in life randomly like that and gives you a little shot of joy. KH’s biggest impact on me started in late 2015. I quit my job due to being in a really bad place, mentally speaking. I wasn’t super into KH again but had gotten a bit more...
  3. mouflon

    KH Shower Thoughts

    If Gravity Falls existed in the KH universe, would Xehanort have thrown in the whole Org idea and just photocopied himself? ...I wanna see Paper Jam 'Nort.
  4. mouflon

    What non-Final Fantasy Square Enix characters would you like to show up at some point?

    Yeah, I don't think there's a snowball's chance we'll ever see any of them unfortunately, but I'd be the same. Heck, even just seeing them in 3D would be nice. Maybe one day there'll be some tiny little nod via an obscure reference in KH or something, if I close my eyes and wish real hard...
  5. mouflon

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Releases November 13 2020

    Gonna sound like a broken record since others have said it again and again, but the cover art is SO GOOD. Honestly I'd pay good money for a huge print of that Donald & Goofy panel. It's so adorable, I'd smile everytime I saw it if I could hang it up in my room somewhere... Also the different...
  6. mouflon

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Trophy List

    Oh boy, I can't wait to punish myself for something horrible I didn't even do getting all these trophies! There being treasure chests and items and all is interesting. I'm actually getting pretty excited to dive into this. It must be "Computer". I imagine you can play vs. an AI-controlled...
  7. mouflon

    What non-Final Fantasy Square Enix characters would you like to show up at some point?

    I'll third Sion from The Bouncer, simply because seeing him next to Sora would be amusing. Though it makes me wonder if Nomura would alter his design considerably if they did bring him in... I'd love to see Ashley Riot and/or Sydney Losstarot from Vagrant Story show up somewhere. Especially if...
  8. mouflon

    Art Showcase, any critiques would be appreciated.

    Super cool artwork! Omega would look right at home in KH. Really like your ice cream picture as well, especially seeing the difference between the old and new versions. (I love seeing how other artists improve and develop over the years!) The slight thatch shading on the Aqua pic is cool too. I...
  9. mouflon

    Need some help/explanations/tips for Re:CoM

    Yeah, low numbered cards are best used as the first in a sleight. That way when you reload, you still have your higher value cards left. Of course if you don’t have too many higher value cards, like early in the game, you might be kinda forced to use lower value stuff. I’d say 5 value cards are...
  10. mouflon

    What are YOU most looking forward to in this game?

    I voted music. The plot/Kairi stuff is also exciting to me, but even had that stuff not been in the trailer/the game itself, the game looks so adorable and fun that I'll buy it anyway.
  11. mouflon

    News ► Yen Press to release Kingdom Hearts 3: The Novel, Vol. 3 in January 2021

    Awesome! My copy of KHIII Vol 2 arrived today and I read it, so coming online to this news is perfectly timed for me. I'm curious how Re:Mind will be implemented. Maybe we'll get a chapter of Riku goofing around in Data Greeting.
  12. mouflon

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III Original Soundtrack releasing November 11, 2020!

    I'm SO glad the 2.8 and UX tracks are included! I was hoping that maybe this was part of the reason why the OST had no release for a long while (since if they knew DLC was coming, they'd want to include the new tracks from it in III's OST, or maybe there would hypothetically be a track for UX we...
  13. mouflon

    Dark Road ► Thoughts on Dark Road (NO SPOILERS)

    It depends on how many Gold Tricholomas spawn. The Tricholomas give 10000 BP each whereas the Gift Shadows only give 1000 each. The last enemy is always a Gold Tricholoma so you always get at least 14000. Or do you mean it varies even between those numbers? Like, sometimes 14000, sometimes 15000?
  14. mouflon

    Kairi should have been the star of the Kingdom Hearts franchise!

    I don't recall anything like this either, but I guess it's not unusual for people to interpret dialogue in different ways. I've seen people have this interpretation before; it's not really common, but I've seen it. Even when I used to lurk on the KH GameFAQs forums as long ago 10 - 15 years...
  15. mouflon

    Kairi should have been the star of the Kingdom Hearts franchise!

    I still don't get when the whole "Kairi was an itty bitty toddler so doesn't remember her home" became "oooh, she doesn't remember anything, how mysterious!!" Was it when BBS became a thing? Since that meant Kairi had seen a Keyblade and a wielder long ago. I don't remember what I ate for dinner...
  16. mouflon

    Kairi should have been the star of the Kingdom Hearts franchise!

    Pretty much everything @*TwilightNight* already said, especially about characters not needing to be able to fight to be a fully fleshed out character. This is still an issue in game development. I'm sure there are other examples but I know director Yoko Taro said that he, at first, struggled to...
  17. mouflon

    Dark Road ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road, Chapter 1: Unexpected Departure

    Thanks for uploading these! I've used only Bragi in the story missions thus far and the dialogue for him was exactly as it is in the videos with other party members. Replaying story missions with other party members to see different dialogue/scenes would've made the grind a bit less of a hassle...
  18. mouflon

    Dark Road ► Thoughts on Dark Road (NO SPOILERS)

    Yea: The bare bones gameplay. Tapping cards for optimal skill usage and colour coordination is pretty fun. Defeating enemies and collecting cards gives stat bonuses. Duplicate cards feel they have more a direct purpose unlike UX. Guilt is basically a non-issue at this point in UX and rolling for...
  19. mouflon

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Series 2nd Phase teases two unannounced projects

    lol, there really is a SpongeBob quote for every situation.
  20. mouflon

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Series 2nd Phase teases two unannounced projects

    I’m most curious about those empty boxes and the fact that have arrows pointing up/down. The flow of the first arrows seem contained in the first two sets of boxes. We start in the empty lower box, move into Re:Mind, go back down into a larger box with fuzzy text in it (unless there’s an...