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  1. RikuSora

    Malificent and Pete ?????

    They went away to have something I can't mention here ;p
  2. RikuSora

    Malificent and Pete ?????

    It would be best with alternative A, But guess alternative B... :p
  3. RikuSora

    out of 10 how good was kh2

    Okaay... Why did you even bother to sign up for the forums? I guess you don't have anything better to do in your life than signing up for forums you don't like, and talk c**p:P Hmm... That's so much better :P (Still give KH2 a 7/10...)
  4. RikuSora

    out of 10 how good was kh2

    I would give it a 7. It was too short and and too easy. But still a good game. Guess I had too high expectations :p
  5. RikuSora

    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    Re: What are looking forword to doing most?! (Eurpiens and Australiens only lol!) :p Oookey... I guess I'll just have to play it.. That's all I need... just... hold... the damn thing... In... my... hands! *faint*
  6. RikuSora

    Does Anyone Like "Simple and Clean" Better then "Sanctuary"?

    I like Passion better than S&C, and S&C better than Sanctuary... Sanctuary gets a little too strange with all the english words pressed together to fit... :p
  7. RikuSora

    when will kh2 come out in australia

    I have preordered the game, and it says that I will recieve the game February 2nd.... :confused:
  8. RikuSora

    WHAT! KHII dissapointing, Yeah right.

    I kinda just bought it by a coinsidence, because Donald and Goofy where on the cover, and then I saw that Final Fantasy was mixed into it, and then voiala! The magic happened! :D I think it's a cool mix!
  9. RikuSora

    WHAT! KHII dissapointing, Yeah right.

    ... Yup, not ONE of my friend likes KH. It really makes me angry, so I try to convert them, and one actually starts (And only starts) to like Kh a little bit. :D
  10. RikuSora

    OMG thats ****in cool

    What was cool? *Curious* (Ps. I'm from Norway too ;))
  11. RikuSora

    so how is the game than by ranking (1-10)

    No doubt: 10 (Even though I haven't played it. I just know it!)
  12. RikuSora

    Sora's english voice actor

    ... That will take time to digest... But I'll get used to it...... I think... *Cries*
  13. RikuSora

    Is It Necessary to Preorder the Game?

    I think It would be smart to preorder it, just to be safe.
  14. RikuSora

    Sora's masculinity

    They're just doing a cha cha cha! Everybody wants do dance sometimes, and Sora wanted to dance at that day with Jack! So what? Leave the dancing boy alone.
  15. RikuSora

    Release Date?!?

    Oh god... not again....
  16. RikuSora

    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy 7- The Aftermath

    ....WOOOW! That's a very good story!! Did I say good? I mean: Awesome!
  17. RikuSora

    What would you do if you found KH2 on the ground?

    HAHAHAHAAA! :D lol lol lol
  18. RikuSora

    What would you do if you found KH2 on the ground?

    :D HAHA! This thread is crazy! :D
  19. RikuSora

    What would you do if you found KH2 on the ground?

    Oops.... I posted on the wrong thread.. Sorry... But *lol* there sure is very many cool answers here though
  20. RikuSora

    What would you do if you found KH2 on the ground?

    *lol* :D So.. It's back again..Cool..! Many funny answers here:D Well, I would faint, and then somebody else would take it before me :p