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    What is your plan for KH Day 2006? :D

    What i'm gonna do on March 28th is play sick, soccoum myself in sadness and drool because of the knowledge that my fellow fans in America will be devouring a copy of KINGDOM HEARTS 2! (I live in Israel). For me, there isn't ANY day when i know that as soon as I get home, my long waited video...
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    european release date

    Putting aside the translations, what is the difference between PAL and NTSC? (I still don't get why they translate games to multiple European languages. I won't play Kingdom hearts in my native language, only in English)
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    Seeking Advice

    Hi every1. I wanted to ask this: Actually, I don't have KH 1, I played it all through with my friends copy. I want to play it again - I haven't seen it for like a year but I've got 2 problems: 1) My friend lives out of town and we meet like once or twice in a month. 2) Every time we meet, he...
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    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    I'll never import the game from japan - can't speak nor read Japanese. BUT, I do live in Israel wich is rapidly dangling between European and Asian release dates so - do you think I should import the US version on March?
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    i have imported kh2 and slide card...

    I doubt I'll import it, but just out of curiousity- how can I import games?
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    Gameplay Video BHK Skateboarding

    Some time ago, I read some interesting threads and noticed a pattern: they were all writen by the same guy - Xaldin. since then I don't look at the thread's title but author and every time I see "Xaldin", I know it's worth reading - and if someone has beaten you to a vid - there's a first for...
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    Death in Kingdom Hearts II...

    It says in the Jump Festa trailer report that Namine says to BHK/Roxas: "You and Sora are intertwined, in order for Sora to be complete, you are nessecary" 1)Maybe, at the end, they both merge (but no like a drive form or something like that) and only one of them continues to exist, but with the...
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    The Official Confirmed PV trailer review (SPOILERS!!!)

    Something to do with Nomura? I dunno, favorite FF character or game? favorite KH world (lion king?)? employee name? It could be anything Btw, If I knew how I would give you Xaldin rep for all that hard time and research you've been doing all the time
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    Help with who is who

    I haven't visited the site lately, and I noticed a lot of names that I don't even recognize, so could someone tell me who they are? examples: Saix, Setzer etc. most of them (I think) are likely FF characters - and although how unlikely that is, I never played a FF game before
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    Editions to US/Europe Version

    Do you think the US/EU versions of KH2 will feature extras (like the bosses in KH1)? tell me your thoughts, requests and speculation. I just want to have a REALY big game so it takes A LOT of time to finish - I actually didn't know that the bosses in KH1 were extras until I heard of Final Mix...
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    Lion King World Officially In KH2 ( Scan )

    But who wiil be the drive attacks!? I mean, Sora ia a lion and goofy for example is a turtle, so if they'll fuse will get a what? a lion with a mere shell?
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    KHII goes expensive

    I live in Israel, and here an average game cost more or less 80$ (after you convert our money to Dollars) so that isn't much of a suprise to me, but what the hell!? 80 Euros!? That's like adding a quarter of the price! I'm a little short on money, but although we don't know when KHII'll be...
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    should I Trust It?

    I checked GameSpot for any news on KH2 and it just flashed before my eyes: Release Date: 1th of march, 2006. (American ver.) should I trust it? In all my experience with GameSpot, all the info on it was right and as long as I now, theu only post official info.
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    Imagine... and post your thought.

    So, If KH will end in KH2 (I hope it won't), will you like to see when you finish the game a 2, 3 I dunno "5 years later movie"?
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    What Genres Would You Like To See In KH2?

    OK. I've got the main idea. But, apart from that, lots of people said thet would like to see some romance (me included), so what sort of romance? I would like to see kairi and sora together. what about you (both comment on kairi and sora and your thoughts/ideas for romance in KH2)?
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    What Genres Would You Like To See In KH2?

    ^^^ Apart from the action (which is pretty obvious), I would like to see some comedy (correction: lots of it), drama and maybe, just maybe, I'll spice it up with a little of romance. Other requests, anyone?
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    Do you think KH2 will have a scene player?

    Could you tell me how to record and tape my videogames?
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    Do you think KH2 will have a scene player?

    I'm sorry Blackblood, and I am and will understand you if you will report me for bad language/misuse of words. No harm intended. And if you wish, I shall stop using this word in both future threads and conversations.
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    Do you think KH2 will have a scene player?

    ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT KH: FINAL MIX DID HAVE A SCENE PLAYER? DAMN IT! THE JAPANESE ALLWAYS GET THE GOOD STUFF! (I know final mix is in Jep, but I think it is worth having just because the DD+optional boss and the scene player!)
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    Do you think KH2 will have a scene player?

    ^^^ I god damn hope so - After I played KH once, I didn't feel like playing it again but I wanted to see the cutscenes over and over again.