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    favorite heartless kh2

    my favorite is the one in fable courtside the chandilier heartless thats look like an awesome battle
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    the coolest world in kh

    Hallowween town was my favorite.
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    hardest DISNEY boss

    hades was tough espescially in com
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    ...in KH2?

    yes i think it will
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    Who was the coolest character of KH u think

    Cloud and Leon r the best
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    Who was the coolest character of KH u think

    I liked Leon,Cloud,and JackSkellington
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    Destiny Islands more then one?

    There R More Islands
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    they should make final fantasy aeons in kh2 like ANIMA
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    camera in kh2

    The only time the camera angle bothered me was tha battle against Cerberus cuz when i got on top of him it got messed up
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    How much would you pay for the demo?

    I would pay $30.00 or less $50.00 is too much 4 a demo
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    when does the demo come out?

    I do not think there will be a demo
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    Can I get a list of all the confirmed worlds?

    CONFIRMED WORLDS 1.Steamboat Willie 2.Fable Courtside 3.Agraba 4.Halloween Town-Christmas Town 5.DeepDive 6.Twilight Town 7.Disney Castle 8.Ancient Greece 9.Pirates of the Carribean 10.Land of the Dragons 11.Hollow Bastion
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    A Limited Edtion Kingdom Hearts 2 Stragy Guide

    Never heard of a limited edition?
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    favorite disney world in kingdom hearts

    I liked NeverLand because u can fly and I also liked Hallowween Town
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    KH2 Poster?

    there is a possibility that it could be the cover for KINGDOM HEARTS 2
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    Why is it taking so long?

    I can't wait till december 1st
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    KH2 World You Are Looking Most Forward To..

    I can't wait for fable courtside. It must be fun fighting the heartless in the ballroom with the beast