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  1. Z

    Heartless or Unversed?

    Well as seen in Kingdom Hearts II at the Hollow Bastion-Radiant Garden time, the nobodies beat the heartless. Remember, when Malificent was watching them and telling them to beat the white husks, but the "white husks" (nobodies) beat them? And if the Unversed can beat nobodies (I honestly don't...
  2. Z

    Murder of the Moment

    OK, let me put it this way. Donald and Goofy always ALWAYS kill the moment, always. When there's an epic cutscene, Donald kills it with his raspy voice. Goofy's okay but Donald is just flat-out annoying, I can see why Sora and him had their differences at the Deep Jungle. You see, when Heartless...
  3. Z

    Your Favorite Reaction Command

    Out of curiosity, what's your favorite reaction command? Personally I enjoy the Dual Stance, because I just find it fun facing the samurai nobody person.
  4. Z

    Sephiroth WIN

    W()()T recently I beat Sephiroth at only level 54 and beat the game! I feel pretty good, seeing as though the recommended level is 80 and that's the first time I've played Kingdom Hearts 2. I got Fenrir, the awesome-est keyblade in my opinion. The Keyblade I used was the Ultima Weapon (hence...