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  1. 8-Ball

    Wow, I haven't been on here in months

    I haven't been on this site in months. Then I thought about the days when I posted in here everyday. My rush to get to 1,000 posts. Haha, wow. I kind of miss these forums. My love for Kingdom Hearts is still there, but I miss this sight. If anybody remembers me, tell me. My old name was...
  2. 8-Ball

    A Clockwork Orange

    I heard it is good. My avatar and sig are pics of a Clockwork Orange and I haven't even seen the movie. The book was great though, and from watching clips on youtube of it, it looks great. I want to see it. Tell me if you have seen the movie and if it is worth watching. I didn't read the book...
  3. 8-Ball


    Who thinks it is great that A-Rod is going to be a Yankee...AGAIN!? $305 million included with $6 million dollar incentives for passing Wille Mays, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, tieing Barry Bonds and passing Barry Bonds for his personal ownership of the top spot on the all-time homeruns list. MLB...
  4. 8-Ball

    kh2 pics needed

    Ohh sure... blame it on "your cousin."
  5. 8-Ball

    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Thats really dumb. You obviously wrote that. You idiot. It isn't funny either. KH2 FM hasn't yet been confirmed to be or to not be coming out in North America yet. Do you really think he would of wrote this to just Milkman saying this? No, he would of had a press confrence about it. So think...
  6. 8-Ball

    green drive form

    I never noticed the trinity marks were the same color as the drive forms (except green of course because there is no green drive form). You know, you might actually be right about the green drive form thing. It would be pretty darn sweet.
  7. 8-Ball

    Haley or Jesse?

    I really dislike Jesse. Haley Joel Osment is like One Thousand Times better than him.
  8. 8-Ball

    How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2?

    Re: How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2? I thought to myself, can any one sound more boring to make me kill myself?
  9. 8-Ball

    any new news on....

    I feel sorry for the Europeans and the Australians. The US has had the game for quite some time. Japan didnt have it for too long before we got it, but for you guys it is taking way to long. I hope for your sake a Really Late Summer or an Early to Mid Fall Release.
  10. 8-Ball

    KH and KH2!

    http://www.us.playstation.com/PS2/Games KH and KH2 are apparently 2 of the PS2's Top Ten Games. If you look on the right hand side of the page.
  11. 8-Ball


    Who saw the movie Click with Adam Sandler? I did, and loved it. Post your thoughts about it here if you have seen it and dont base your opinions off of the commercials becuase you didnt see the whole movie.
  12. 8-Ball

    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I have had KH2 since the 29th of March, I got it at EB Games in the Mall her and it was at approximately 4:30 PM. I went to the mall yesterday with my sister to get her a copy too.
  13. 8-Ball

    Simple poll

    Well, i knwo that but if you watch the other org members who died in the game.
  14. 8-Ball

    Simple poll

    Well, if you watch all of the other Org memebers die, they died the same way. You could see the black energy like stuff coming off of them. Thats how Axel died.
  15. 8-Ball

    Final Form vids

    What was the point in putting you words in a spoiler box?
  16. 8-Ball

    where did they get them?????????

    I am going to have to go with Legato. You just cant really think of there weapons off of the top of your head and some people cant use their imagination that well, so they give them something that enhances their imagination to get the ideas. Like acid.
  17. 8-Ball

    kh2 review help

    Want me to tell you what score X-Play gave KH2 to save you the energy of searching?
  18. 8-Ball

    Official "I beat Kingdom Hearts 2" thread!

    I beat the game. :). I also beat Xemnas.
  19. 8-Ball

    giving kh2 a bad reputation...

    It was just a store demo.....
  20. 8-Ball

    Xemnas Final

    I beat him on the first try at level 48 and dont sweat the part when he shoots the like 4 billion things at you, you can make it the easiest part of the battle if you do what KH Player said. And when he like attakcs you and it makes you go up in the air, just keep pressing triangle becuase he...