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    Has anyone seen the Twilight movie yet? I just saw it yesterday, and it was good... but certain things in it were sort of a let down. What's your opinion on it?
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    New RE:CoM pics!

    I haven't seen second one ether. Thanks!
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    Help/Support ► Help?

    What I usually do is whatever I need to study, I type/write an out line of it. Example- I.) Science ......................1.) Blahblahblah .................................a.) lalalalalala Yeah stuff like that xD Then I just read it over and over. Flashcards help too. Also my science teacher...
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    Fanfiction ► Arrow in his Heart (an Inuyasha one-shot)

    This is a one-shot from the anime Inuyasha. I started the series a few weeks back, and for the most-part, really like it. So... I decieded to write what had happened in the begining of the story. Well, tell me what you think! :D ------------------------------------------------------- Arrow in...
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    THe Keyblade and Riku

    Because at that particular moment, Sora's heart was stronger than Riku's. Somehow his Souleater weapon tranformed. How this happened though is still untold. My guess is that Sora's heart is still stronger. Besides, I think the last thing Riku would want is more fighting with Sora over the...
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    Fanfiction ► D.N.Angel: Satoshi's Story

    Alright, well I've never actually started a thread before, so bare with me.. Ok, so about a month ago, I finished the D.N.Angel anime series and absolutely LOVED IT! But, it ended with a sort of "empty" feeling. Thus, I thought it might be interesting to take the story, and point it at a...
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    Xions name idea

    ^Whoa that's really cool! I've never picked up on that before. Good job! The only thing I have to correct is this... That's incorrect. Only nobodies in Org.13 have the "X" in their name (Xemnes give them a new name, ect.) Just thought I'd point that out.
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    Favorite SoNami moment

    My favorite has to be after Sora fought Larxene, and gets all mad. I've never seen him angry before then o.O
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    New 358/2 days screens (I think)

    I think the one with Riku holding the keyblade may be new ^_^ Nice job!
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    Evilish Nobodies??

    Hmmmmm..... DEMYX! definatly as evil as they come xD
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    do u guys think the rumors are true about kh2fm

    Ok, let's put it this way... *Stands and sings* Noooooooo ♪ (or at least probably not) But really, I wish it would. I can't play Jap. games on my console (I need to get one of those converter chips -_-)
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    Fanfiction ► The New Angel

    I liked it alot! (Im completely obsessed with this Anime ^_^) It gave an interesting view on what could have happened after the black wings. Great job! 5/5
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    Xion's Element.

    I think that she'd be light, even if her keyblade is fake.. I don't really know how to expand on that idea though, I just think it fits. xD
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    Opinion on Demyx

    I think it's funny how clueless he is xD He was actually a pretty hard boss (hollow bastion) for me to beat. I took me a couple of tries before I got it. But anyway, Demyx is awesome ^_^
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    KH RE: Chain of Memories. THE English Fandub.

    I literally LOL when I heard Goofy xD Sora sounds great. (I liked his best) Marluxia's voice is alright. Donald is kinda hard to understand at points, but is still pretty good.
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    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    Im really impressed with all the threads ^__^ Great job! Can't wait to see the ? one!
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    Most Annoying Boss

    Riku Replica.. because it took me FOREVER to beat him T_T
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    Riku's Nobodie

    I've thought about that before too. Kairi says in KH1 near the end of the game "Will everything be the same? Riku lost his --" (I think that how it went) But I don't think Riku acually lost his heart. I think XH just took over his body, and then sent him to the darkness afterward. I could be...
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    Somthing strange in the BBS trailer

    ^ Yeah, I always thought that shadow was Aqua's. Like everyone else said... no family relations in the game, nice theory try though :D