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  1. Saziel

    First Time Playing BbS

    Thanks, I will look into that. :)
  2. Saziel

    First Time Playing BbS

    Ah, that sounds great, thanks. :)
  3. Saziel

    First Time Playing BbS

    I did obtain Ragnarok. I'm playing as Terra first.
  4. Saziel

    First Time Playing BbS

    Just grabbed a PSP and a copy of BBS today. I've played for an hour and 40 minutes so far. 40 minutes of that was the tutorial and the other hour has been on the Command Board (which is really fun!). Is there anything I should know? On a side note, I've played so much Kingdom Hearts lately. 66...
  5. Saziel

    Affinity level

    The max affinity is nine.
  6. Saziel

    Completion Times

    Standard Mode Report Completion - 92% Enemies Defeated - 9,119 Most Used Command - Shadowbreaker x499 Most Used Flowmotion - Wall Kick x 999 Clear Time - 57:52 Spirits Collected - 89% Spirit Smiles - 480 Most Used Link - Meow Wounce x9 Best Spirit Friend - Celk (Jestabocky) Most Used Training...
  7. Saziel

    This Doesn't Seem Right. Drop Gauge Glitch?

    I know. I had said I wasn't playing on a day that increases drop speed.
  8. Saziel

    Question About Placing Portals.

    I don't live in an area with abundant streetpasses. I had read that if you place a portal, after about 4 hours, it will be visited by the computer. I placed 4 portals, and atleast 8 hours have gone by since then, and I've had no visitors at all. Was this just a rumor, or did I miss something?
  9. Saziel

    This Doesn't Seem Right. Drop Gauge Glitch?

    It eventually went back to normal on its own. Weird. It had been like that for over an hour.
  10. Saziel

    This Doesn't Seem Right. Drop Gauge Glitch?

    Sora has been stuck at 1.3 drop rate for a while. Even using Drop-Me-Nots won't lower it. I'm not playing on a Risky Winds day or anything, and it's persisting from world to world. >_<
  11. Saziel

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Re: Dream Eater Glitch? I'm not sure if this is really a glitch, but I was using Sonic Blade outside of the chamber area in Symphony of Sorcery. Since the enemy was flying over the clouds and not the ground, my final attack of Sonic Blade left me over the clouds, and I fell down into them, and...
  12. Saziel

    Has This Become Anyone Else's Favorite Game?

    It became mine...easily. In probably only the first 4-5 hours. Now over 40 hours into my first file, I still feel the same. Such an amazing game.
  13. Saziel

    Take a Picture with KH3D!

    http://i.imgur.com/nQCG6.jpg I know I'm super late, but I only found out about this site yesterday! :)
  14. Saziel

    Potential DLC you can see

    I would love an in-depth arena. Something like 10 or so ranks of it, with each rank having several rounds of normal enemies, with the final round of each rank having a boss. Maybe make it classic bosses from other KH games.
  15. Saziel

    Favorite new aspect.

    I picked Dream Eaters. I love the variety they add. I love Flowmotion almost as much.