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  1. Twilight Mulan

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Sora and Riku to See Clothing Changes

    I have a feeling that they will get new clothes.... I know that my idea (hidden in spoilers... just incase) may sound weird... but it makes some sense. That is my theory, and this is probably the first theory I have ever written on this forum... I have been around for a while, but never took...
  2. Twilight Mulan

    Aqua on Proud/Criticle Mode

    Aqua was hard for me in the first few worlds (playing on proud, esp castle of dreams), but before i went to radiant garden i just leveled up to about 20, and got 3 hp boosts second chance and once more and it was a breeze. I may have over leveled because when I found vanitas at Neverland i did...
  3. Twilight Mulan

    Plot Hole Question (Small Spoiler if you have not played the game yet)

    I do not think it is a big deal either, just curious. I thought he would go the whole time and not call them anything... but he has... lol. Yeah I was thinking if I missed something in cutscenes.... but nope can't think of anything.
  4. Twilight Mulan

    Plot Hole Question (Small Spoiler if you have not played the game yet)

    Okay I first want to start by saying I love Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. I do not think the negatives about the game are a big deal (load times, etc.), and the game is just amazing. I am taking my time with the game and I have beaten Terra's story and I am about 3/5 done with Ventus'. My...
  5. Twilight Mulan


    actually, if u max out to dash attacks (like Fire Dash) and do them in a row, you can get Superglide that way too (i have it and the strategy guide said that you could do it this way). But yeah I say you just fight the Unversed in the Tornados for the EXP, yeah it may be a little hard (curse...
  6. Twilight Mulan

    Has anyone got the bundle yet?

    I was disappointed too when the UMD was just in a sleeve but then I realized that the entire PSP box is the case (the back of the box is the same as the actual BBS game case), in the end I did like the bundle and I will also agree that the PSP is very light to the point something was wrong with...
  7. Twilight Mulan

    which command style are you most looking forward to

    I chose Sky Climber because I have yet to see the finisher move from it, which I am looking forward to see. Tied for Second would be Wingbalde and Ghost Drive since they just look epic... lol
  8. Twilight Mulan

    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    Well if I say, "hey you called me yesterday" they could deny it.... As long as I do not delete the text I'm good... lol
  9. Twilight Mulan

    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    i got a text saying it my bundle would be available on Tuesday AM, which most likely means that when I walk into the store tomorrow at 10 AM, I should have the game. I will use the text as proof if they tell me I can't get it yet.
  10. Twilight Mulan

    How is the Release affecting you?

    I am wayy too excited. I am in the stage of excitement where I cannot believe its almost here. To pass the time I played Brawl and did homework. Luckily I only have one class at 8 am on Tuesday and it ends at 9:15 am (thank you college) and there is a Gamestop right next to my school, and thats...
  11. Twilight Mulan

    Birth By Sleep Guide Book Scans (Spoilers)

    no problem, just wondering. And the avatar we share is epic.... lol
  12. Twilight Mulan

    Birth By Sleep Guide Book Scans (Spoilers)

    if its posted my bad, i just skipped a lot of the pages to avoid spoilers... lol thank you!
  13. Twilight Mulan

    Birth By Sleep Guide Book Scans (Spoilers)

    Quick question for those who have the guide. In the actual walk-through part of the guide (ie: Scenario Part), is it divided among the 3 characters or does it just show the worlds in a certain order and says "This is what Terra does, this is what Aqua does, this is what Ventus does." I think the...