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    What's Wrong with Pridelands?

    I kinda liked the Pridelands. Fighting that giant heartless during the second visit was awesome.
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    Sora's Power

    I'm pretty sure that Sora will be able to save them all. Roxas, Namine, Xion, Axel, Aqua, Terra, and Ven all have different kinds of torment. Roxas and Xion went back to Sora even though they wanted to be their own people. Aqua is trapped in the realm of darkness. Terra got body-snatched by MX...
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    Maybe Ienzo is the REAL villain of KH and it's all part of some twisted, convoluted plot.
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    Poor Axel.

    Axel still kept too much concealed. And about protecting Roxas..... Roxas wasn't weak at all. If he's able to take on Saix and Xigbar and beat Xion despite a huge disadvantage, then he needs little protection. The problem was that if Axel told Roxas the truth about Roxas and Sora, then Roxas...
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    Help/Support ► What to do???

    Well, if you can only talk with her for only 5 minutes, then I think you should wait a little longer. I honestly find that a lot of girls now seem really flirty, but aren't really flirting, that's just how they talk.
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    Which one was harder?

    COM was more difficult for me because I found myself getting stuck more often, especially because the fighting in Re:COM took place in bigger stages. It was more cramped in COM. Because of that reason, Hades killed me many times in COM.
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    Sentiments theory (spoilers)

    Her armor does do something actually. It takes Xehanort out of the dark realm.
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    A Stray Thought on MX and Riku...

    (Looks at earlier post) Oh..... you did. As much as I like the theory, this still.... bothers me.
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    A Stray Thought on MX and Riku...

    I want this to be true, but something still bothers me.... If Mx is Riku's grandfather, then that means that his own grandfather took control of his body. That kinda bothers me.
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    Whats the deal with Eraqus?

    Maybe Eraqus just wasn't one of those sad people. Maybe he's okay being with Terra's heart.
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    Kingdom Hearts Reconnect

    It would be nice to see even more new characters not Sora related who can wield keyblades. On topic, I don't think that Riku will be possesed again. How bad would i be to have Riku possessed twice? I also think that Riku's heart is stonger than ever now, and that Xehanort won't be able to...
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    Opinions on Xion

    I was ok with Xion. I just disliked how she was constantly being beaten in any fight she was in. She lost to Riku, Axel, Axel again, and Roxas.
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    Mickey's letter

    So this adventure is gonna be EVEN MORE difficult? Cool for us, but that sucks for Sora. Didn't Yen Sid say the same thing in KH2? I guess that fighting a giant nobody robot dragon in space wasn't enough.
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    Coming Back

    Wow, now that I think of it, if Sora does free everyone, then we'll have a lot of keyblade wielders. Sora, Riku, Mickey, Aqua, Terra, Ven, Xion, and possibley Kairi.
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    Fav Battle/Boss?

    Re: Best Disney Villian Battle-KH1 I say Chernabog for all the reasons already mentioned. I still want to know why he was just there, waiting.
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    Coming Back

    I think Xion is coming back and I'm happy about it. Even though she technically belonged with Sora, that only made it sadder on her part, since she wanted to be her own person.
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    Fav Battle/Boss?

    Re: Best Heartless Battle-KH1 I say Ansem because he was just so epic. None of those other heartless were capable of such intense monologues.
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    who is stronger? mx or vanitas?

    I say Vanitas. MX was an old man and probably getting a little rusty, which was why SPOILERS he needed Terra's body. Vanitas also required three people to fight him at once.
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    Petes banishment and escape, plus some awesome ice cream SUBBED

    Re: Petes banishment and Ice cream sub! Nomura is a lier! So you think they would have come back for him after a little while? That's still pretty harsh for a time-out. If that's what they do with people who just misbehave, then Huey, Duey, and Louey would have gone there numerous times.
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    Saix IS evil. Isa wasn't. We all already know everything tht Saix has done, all have been evil deeds. And yeah, when Sora beats him, he wonders where his heart is, but do you remember what he says after Roxas beats him. He says "Kingdom Hearts, where is my heart?" in KH2, but says "Kingdom...