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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    i think that MF is Xemnas while he is in the chamber of response his memories travel thats how he could travel i dont know if this theory has been made
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    Heart (spoiler)

    in blank point MX says to Terra that a heart has set foot on his and then say Eraqus you sly fox do you think its master Eraqus also if u read X report 9 it says master can extract their or someones else.
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    and does axel remebers ven when he sees roxas
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    mirage areana

    i have past evertything in the areana i just need those two
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    mirage areana

    how do i unlock A Time to Chill and Wheels of Misfortune in terra's and ven's story
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    mirage areana

    i have past all of the mirage areana except for 2 the one with Zack & Hades and the one where you fight the Pumpkin how do i get it in terras story
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    on report where i go to command collection im missing the last finish command what is it and how do i get it
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    sonic impact

    how do i get sonic impact with terra and im missing the ability thats between damage syphon and once more.
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    re coded

    i dont know if it has been posted but i was checking kh recoded on amazon and it says it will be release march 31.
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    Has your BBS shipped yet?

    my just got shipped from amazon and will be getting the game and guide book on sept 7. im going crazy just waiting for it 3 more days
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    data install

    i have a 4 gb memory stick and i want to install the highest data install and need 12 files for bbs. Will i have enough memory to be able. Thanks 4 the help.
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    dark realm

    i was reading a interview and nomura said that the king went to the dark realm to find a keyblade In the ending, Riku and the King are on the other side of the door. Why is that? NOMURA: As far as the King is concerned, he was on the other side from the beginning. He disappeared because he...
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    guide book

    yeah. i preorder it in amazon cuz it was cheap and it said it was going to be available on aug, 27.
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    guide book

    did anybody preorder the kh bbs guide book from amazon if u did when will they start shipping it? cuz i preorder it and it say on oct. or dec. i'll be getting it.
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    Birth by Sleep TV Spot

    Re: BBS Commercial? it already on youtube YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep North American TV Spot
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    Birth by Sleep TV Spot

    Re: BBS Commercial? awsome!!!!! has anybody seen it on the TV if not when do u thing it will come out .
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    BBS Preperation!!

    i just bought a new battery (and preorder the game and guide book, yesterday.)
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    ppl are saying you need Data-install for bbs wat is it and how do u get it
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    do you gain exp in the mirage area in bbs?
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    re:coded when will recoded come out in NA any estimation