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  1. LS22

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Oooh okay, thanks for clearing that up. I'm 99% done with it, synthesizing is the worst.
  2. LS22

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    I'm playing it on proud, so does that mean that I have to do something else?
  3. LS22

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Does anyone know how to get the second secret ending in KHII? I already beat Terra, and nothing happened, I only got the golden crown.
  4. LS22

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Amazon has a few more!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced probably gonna pre-order the mark of mastery edition WOO-HOO!!
  5. LS22

    KH3D English Trailer Up!

    wasn't that pumped when the jap. trailers came out, and since I haven't spoiled myself, this trailer really got me pumped!!
  6. LS22

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Box Art Revealed!

    WOW! The artwork is amazing, really like this box art in my opinion this cover is the best of all covers!
  7. LS22

    Why is Aqua so popular?

    Exactly, I think Aqua is an okay character I like her but not she's not like my fav. character I find her okay
  8. LS22

    Mario or Sonic...

    So who do you like more...DISCUSS
  9. LS22

    Should I buy a 3DS or Should I wait...

    okay so i have the option to buy a 3ds but i dont know if i should buy it now or wait.. what do you think i should do???
  10. LS22

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumberer Wishes and Improvements [aka let's get KH less DUMB than it is]

    Re: Dream Drop Distance Wishes and Improvements [aka let's get KH less shit than it is] I hope they put Toy Story world and that when youre in that world you turn into a toy and your keyblade becomes a toy that would be cool
  11. LS22

    RE:Coded IGN Review

    Re: Coded IGN Review I thought IGN was going to give it like a 7 i dont know why i had that feeling but im glad they gave it an 8 CANT WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!
  12. LS22

    Re:coded Gameplay Trailer

    Re:coded Gameplay Trailer IRe9x5KpHp0 Video is backwards for copyright reasons. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRe9x5KpHp0
  13. LS22

    RE:Coded IGN Review

    RE:Coded IGN Review So here it is... Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Review - Nintendo DS Review at IGN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNsz2cEQaX4&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
  14. LS22

    So I guess Coded has been leaked (SPOILERS)

    so does this mean that we can buy it orr what??
  15. LS22

    Command style changes...

    ohhh okay thanks :D still i dont understand why they changed the names...
  16. LS22

    Final Mix Content Question

    yeah its another secret i hope they put subtitles on the secret ending when it comes out
  17. LS22

    Command style changes...

    okay so i was watching the JAP version of BBS and noticed that critical impact was called Fatal mode and also Firestorm was called Fireblazer... So can anyone tell me other command style chenges please?
  18. LS22

    Lazy way of leveling up

    how do i get exp walker??
  19. LS22

    you can now pre-order at gamestop!!!

    maybe it could come out in march...
  20. LS22

    you can now pre-order at gamestop!!!

    go to gamestop.com and on search put kingdom hearts and kingdom hearts re:coded will be there the release is march 31 but its just a place holder