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    Mark of...

    You're right. The fact that terra and aqua had an actual master (the same one, no less) may be why they fought. Or maybe it was just a formality done by Eraqus for MS. Who knows. The simple fact that they ( sora and riku) are qualifying for the exam seems to say they are already at the required...
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    Mark of...

    From Wat they've shown us, I think they will both be passed as keyblade masters. However, it will be interesting to see them fight against each other. personally I think Sora can beat riku. He has versatility to keep riku on his feet through the use of magic and dual-wielding. I think with these...
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    I hope this game picks up fast...

    I found KH2's opening to be kinda too long and took away replay value in fear of having to go through the process again(but personally I saved at many different points just in case). So if BBS can fix this problem I'll be happy.
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    What is Lingering Sentiment ?

    Hes the toughest boss in the series so far. Hes found In KH2 FM. HE has Terras armor, his keyblade, and what would appear to be some of his memories but Nomura has yet to state if it is or not. He says it doesnt really make a difference if its Terra or not(although with BBS coming out and stance...
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    playing order

    I wanna play Ven Aqua Terra since Terras gameplay is too slow for me and would seem a little boring. Vens gameplay seems amazing especially that Wing Blade ability which is the most amazing thing I've seen in this game. But since Nomura said Terra Ven Aqua and since I would like the increas in...
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    bbs sad ending

    I truly hope Aqua doesnt die in BBS. Hopefully shes featured in KH3 to help Sora out in some way.
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    it would seem from all the other main line Kh games (KH1 KH2) that the NA release is normally about 3 to 6 months after it's initial release.However, this is only following two of the games. But I would say in Spring or Summer.
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    HQ Renders - Terra, Aqua, Ven

    mainly the only difference i see is slight skin variation and Roxas seems to have a darker look on his face.But honestly it's just that from what we know Roxas was serious a lot.Howver, I do see Sora's facial features in Ven (duh). I just can't put my finger on it.
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    Of course bbs stuff

    I thought so too at first but it's been confirmed that they all can go to the same world(or atleast some worlds), but go do different things at different times.
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    Do Keychains on Keyblades mean Master?

    Trust me I know.He just has a lot going right now and making quality games as usal.So if we have to wait a little longer to get a good game that we'll love thn let it take a little longer.
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    Do Keychains on Keyblades mean Master?

    Oh my bad.Actually I get what you're saying in that Mickey must've had a keyblade before that if he got the keychain from Yen Sid.But I find somewhat possible that the Starseeker may have already been a keyblade all on its own who knows. Those are the 2 possible things I can think of.
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    Do Keychains on Keyblades mean Master?

    It kinda seems as though that certain keyblades would be drawn to certain hearts. Well it was probably given to Mickey physically as he went to the dark realm. But for this to happen he probably would've had to gone through a temptation of darkness so to speak to prove that he was strong enough...
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    I'd say it's very likely(about 89% positive) Jesse McCartney will play Ven's voice since he played Roxas' voice and the same guy who played as the japanese version of Roxas will also be the japanese version of Ven's voice.
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    BBS Keyblade system!

    For some reason I also feel as though the keyblades change because of experience (and possibly memories however you to incorparate it into this) and will keep changing until the wielders decide to or the keyblade(or the both of them) decide to put a keychain on to give that experience a form so...
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    BBs trailer continuation

    Okay so as all of us who've seen the trailer can see that it's mainly a cliffhanger.So I was just watching the trailer and would like to know what do you think happens next.? Personally I think Terra uses the darkness to combat Mx. Then Mickey comes just as Ds starts to attack Aqua.Aqua can see...
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    BBS trailer rememberance

    I was just thinking.Do you guys remember wen you first saw the birth by sleep full trailer? Back when we didn't know piss shit (although all we know now is the shit part) and you were saying in your mind "Who the hell is that"? I'd like to know what you were thinking.I know it's wy late to be...
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    bbs dual wielding its possible

    I would only like Ven and possibly Aqua to dual-wield. It would be weird with Terra since his keyblade would probably be out of proportion with other keyblades(but who knows). Ven I would like to see him either dual-wield with both keyblades backwards or one of them forward.Right Ven is the most...
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    Thoughts on keyblade(s)

    Okay well even though I love the Kh series and I'm not a noob, there's still something that bugs me;there's no clear cut definition as to what the keyblade or keyblades really are.We can't say they're weapons of light since Riku was able to take back and wield the KK even though his hearts was...
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    Keyblades and Keychains/Ven and Sora(& Roxas)

    If I'm correct keychains may be made from memories,right? Well we see that a keyblade can change radically with each varying keychain.I don't necessarily see how Ven's keyblade can't change to the kk.And since the kk has a mickey symbol for the keychain isn't weird that mickey's own keyblade has...
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    Unbirth/Sense of Self Theory

    I was just reading the thing Kairi's grandmother says to her. It says and I quote "Long ago, people lived in peace, bathed in the warmth of light. Everyone loved the light. Then people began to fight over it. They wanted the light for themselves. And darkness was born in their hearts. The...