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    Fanfiction ► Fate - Riku x Tifa

    I have to say that I wasn't too interested in the beginning but then i couldn't stop reading. Keep up the good writing!
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    BBS Princess'?

    That's actually a pretty logical answer. I highly doubt that they would changed the 7 PoH's. They have to be the original seven used in the first game so I wouldn't get my hopes too hgh for ariel being one of them...(although I never got why she wasn't one in the first place. i mean come on ppl...
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    Xemnas and Terra... hmm....

    Is this a proven fact? I'm not disagreeing with you or anything I just want to make sure. Otherwise..it seems like a reasonable theory i suppose. But only time will tell, unfortunately =/
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    Original Org. member's names.

    yeah agreed. the only ones we know are.. Xemnas-Ansem Xigbar-Braig Xaldin-Dilan Vexen-Even Lexaeus-Elaeus(spelling?) Zexion-Ienzo do we all agree this thread is pretty much done with?
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    The Worst Character in the game

    Not that naive. Just doesn't make sense why everyone hates her.. sure she gets in the way a lot but oh well. And I would be glad to hear from SA
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    The Worst Character in the game

    Kind of random but for all who said Kairi is the worst character.. How come everyone hates her? I don't understand what's so bad about her.
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    The Worst Character in the game

    Apologies to all Yuffie fans.. but she is the worst in the game by far. As for the original KH ppl i'd have to say Vexen. He has a really confusing gender. He is a male with a feminine body and a girly name. Then again a lot of KH characters have feminine bodies..(mostly the Org.)
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    Kind of a stupid curiousity...

    I guess Sora and Roxas kinda sorta have the same hair but besides that I agree they don't look much alike. Which is what BBS will soon explain.
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    One of Terra's attacks

    I COMPLETELY agree with you =D Aqua has a lot of sexiness going on too, you cant forget
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    Keyblade Theory

    What I meant was I don't think he planned ahead while developing the first Kingdom Hearts. I mean kudos if he acutally did have something in mind the whole time but I think he just created the first game on his inital thoughts.. The only realms going thru his mind at the time were probably just...
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    Wow i honestly never even thought of that... ha thanks for pointing that out for me.
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    Keyblade Theory

    Ehh I'm not too sure Nomura put TOO much thought into the keychain on the kingdom key. He most likely meant it as just a mickey symbol. Nothing of it. But you make a good observation. :thumbup:
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    You forgot one... *giant shoes/feet seriously take a look at their feet sometimes its insane
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    party members bbs

    yeah its pretty much gonna be a solo game. no party members. besides i couldnt really even picture ven or terra running around with the 7 dwarfs or some field mice by their side XD that would be a little over the edge.
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    Kingdom Hearts BBS

    sure ill look into it. but just sayin im not that new. not trying to be a jek but "newbie" doesnt work for me.
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    Kingdom Hearts BBS

    I'm getting a little tired of fighting sephiroth as an opt. boss. They should have a new one. But that would make him absoutely pointless in the KH series. But come on wouldn't anyone rather fight someone else for a change? There are so many possibilities
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    is twilight thrn xions nobody?

    i dont know about xion being aqua's nobody. its a little too obvious. but that comes back to the question "why did Nomura wait so long to reveal any info about Aqua?" hmm..interesting
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    Waste of Time

    yeah the gummi ship missions are kinda hard to get a full 100% on.. honestly, its not worth the time
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    If you could be any character in the game who would it be

    wasn't this posted before...? and ill have to say again, either terra, riku, or xehanort =]
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    Official Sly Cooper Series Discussion

    This thread was created for all Sly Cooper Fans! Feel free to discuss anything! EX. characters, storyline, upcoming games? (sly cooper 4)