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    What if...

    I would pick none of the above and go out and get it.
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    Ask Nomura:Coded Style

    what phones will it come out for?
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    Ask Nomura:358/2 Days Style

    When does the game come out, if there's no answer, then who are the playable characters?
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    Ask Nomura:KH:BBS Style

    When does it come out of course, I'll get the answer to the other questions playing
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    Those three fairy things??

    From FFX-2, and they are like Setzer, Fuu, and Rai. No real purpose. Those characters could at least live up to their role (like fight Fuu and Rai, and have Setzer help with the only airship. Hope the FF characters have more influence.
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    never played kh 2

    I got com at gamespot/eb games at my mall, and I got KH2 at my local blockbuster this summer. (I lost my original com and traded KH2, but I still have to play it!).
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    BBS Worlds-Opinionate Away!

    I was thinking, instead of all Disney, they should put in a real Final Fantasy world. Rabanastre when Bahamut is over it, and Narshe during invasions with Kefka as the boss. I hope there will be mix like that, because the FF characters stink (Seifer "We totally own you lamers"). I would add...
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    358/2 Days

    I look forward to 358/2 to play as the Organization. I think I heard somewhere that there is a multiplayer mode to fight each other, and you can play as any member. Just wish I a had a DS.
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    If BBS will let you play different storylines...

    1)Terra, cause he kicks @ss 2)unknown character, because I guessing Aqua 3)Ven, I'm not too wild about Roxas, and I'm sure Ven has a relation to Roxas
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    aqua a guy???

    show me a guy name aqua, and I'll eat my fingers one by one.
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    Hardest boss?

    There really wasn't any hard boss, even on low level kingdom key only proud mode (you only fight when necessary). The toughest boss I would say is Xigbar, because of that one attack where he shoots a million lasers at you. Mess up once, and your dead (I was lv 35, so I had no once more skill.