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    High Quality version of...

    Does anyone know where I can get a high quality version of the KH op?
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    Real org mebers real name

    "Even" as Vexen's name shows up in the reports too, so you can move that to the other list. Lea... XD I hope thats NOT Axels real name...
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    It's been a long 4 years

    lol you said it... >.< so much waiting, but worth it. I can taste it!
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    It's been a long 4 years

    I guess the being shot down by people and now my idea being true would be my fav. *rubs in non-believers faces*
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    about the memory for...

    you can only use the ps1 memory card for ps1 games...
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    how long have you been waiting 4 KH2?

    well... since the day it came out... that outta be 3+ years >.< I still remember the day I got it ^__^ I was such a depressed middle schooler... of course... Kh= my anti drug *celebrates*
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    A most unspeakable evil...

    ooooo thank you for the idea I shall steal it from my BF
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    A most unspeakable evil...

    I wanna help XP that means I'm risking my life for the game right???
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    Feelings that go through your head?

    XP okay call me a sap... but I wanted to know how people felt when they thought about the release of KH. You know, watching the previews and what not? It makes me nervous >.< I've even started to like Sanctuary.
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    A little about passion

    aye aye aye, I knew I shoulda posted this sooner XP ah Sankyuu, I didn't see any other posts like this so I went ahead, ah well.
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    A little about passion

    Alright, me and my best friend Chloe Notice that In Passion, the KH2 theme some of the song sounded like it was being sung backwards (we'd know backwards music anywhere... since we reverse our music alot). So we played the song Backwards and you'll notice is she says "I need more affection than...