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  1. K

    what is the worst way you would think to kill someone

    grind a person alive with a cheese grader
  2. K

    the hate game

    who do you hate the most i hate LTK owns you
  3. K

    the evil

    name the evil people you known online or in reallife say if it is in reallife or not dont put last names on here if it is in reallife and tell why that person is evil the evil person i known is LTK owns you for not being nice
  4. K

    the ugly dog

    say what you think about SAM this ugly dog and tell what you think should happen to this dog
  5. K

    what not to say on camera

    when i am geting payed
  6. K

    whats your favorite commercial saying

    rate the saying the person ahead of you put i really dont have one
  7. K

    the killing game

    think of ways to kill the next poster i sick my dog on you
  8. K

    the killing game

    think of a way to kill the next poster i make my turtle attack you
  9. K

    How many times have you beaten Ansem?

    i lost count but over 100 times
  10. K

    what is your favorite Tim Burton film

    Mine is The Nightmare before Christmas
  11. K

    what is the stupidest thing you have ever done

    i ran my head into a shopping cart
  12. K

    what the worst thing you can think of to doto someone

    cut their brains out
  13. K

    when does kh2 come out

    i dont know when but does anyone else know
  14. K

    What's the hardest part in KH??

    the hardest part for me is not being able to put it down
  15. K

    most used keyblade in kh

    i used the oblivion
  16. K

    which keyblade is youre favorite

    Mine Is The Chocobo
  17. K

    who got kh1 when it first came out

    i got it just at the beingging of this year
  18. K

    who has KH2

    where did you get it if you have it
  19. K

    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    how do you get stopga
  20. K

    at what level did you beat the game

    I was at level 59 when i beat the game