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    I know, why don't people look up past Threads so they won't have to bug people.
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    Again, some one please close this Thread, I'm getting irrated, like SeaSalt said.
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    Sora's Memories

    I think some may have disappeared in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. I don't know how, but something must have happened. Or something happened when Sora was in "Deep Slumber" for a year. That could be possibly explained in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. I have another guess, too. When Sora...
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    Organization Members lied!!!

    I think the Organization 13 have emotions. No matter what they have emotions. When they get angry that is an emotion. When they feel like they need Kingdom Hearts, that it an emotion. Roxas was part of the Organization 13, he has emotions. I think the Organizaiton 13 is trying to find out...
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    Kingdom Hearts ll Final Mix+ came out on March 29, 2007 for Japan. So it is availble on a Japanese PS2. Kingdom Hearts ll Final Mix+ is not coming out for America, it has almost been one year. I'm sorry but forget and just Import or not get it. This Thread should be closed. @_@
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    BBS ages

    I think might be how it goes: Terra - 19 Aqua - 17 Ven - 16 I'm not quite sure though : S
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    Secret Ending

    Proud Mode: All you have to do is beat the Game. You don't have to beat everything. But you do have to beat all of the Worlds. ( Hard Mode ) Standard Mode: Complete the Game fully, which means you have to beat MiniGames, Worlds, all Synthesis Items, Treasure Chests, ect. ( Normal Mode )...
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    Poll:Who would win, valor or wisdom form?

    Well, it depends on Level wise. If Valor is on Level 7 and Wisdom is on like Level 2, Valor is most likely to win. I think it depends on Levels and usage. How you use the Drive Form depends on how the Battle goes. Valor has two Keyblades, but Wisdom has Quick Run and can attack faster. Valor...
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    Which one?

    Well, if you think about it Kairi and Namine are the same people since Kairi's Nobody is Namine. Then again they have their own personalties. I ould haveto say Namine because she has unique powers and special abilities.
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    BBS Theory

    Sora and Ven are their "own" person. Ven and Roxas do have a connection though. Terra, Ven, and Aqua are older then Sora, Riku, and Kairi anyways. So Sora and Ven aren't the same people but have a Connection. @.@ Interesting Theory though, not quite but together.
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    COM On PS2?

    In North America Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is playable on the GBA Console. On March 29, 2007, Japan came out with Kingdom Hearts ll Final Mix+ which is a 2-Disked Feature. It includes Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts ll Final Mix+. So yes, only in Japan is there a...
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    How Many Can You Take!

    I would want to fight a whole Army of Nobodies, ( Except the Berserk Nobody ). I would want the Song: My Sanctuary ( Japanese Version ) playing.