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    A question about hearts and body.

    For some reason, I believe Sora was originally apart of Ven. Vanitas looks just like Sora, and Vanitas was created from Ven. I believe that the beginning of the story happened after Vanitas was created, since Ven had no clue who he was. Part of his was taken, which is symbolizes by the broken...
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    Master Xehanort has something up his sleeve?

    its just a sign of maturity, discipline, courteousness, and presentation. Ushers in church, military, and high royalty, when they are usually of old age, puts 1 arm behind their back. I'm sure he does this in the game to show his personality as an elderly, but stern person. I'm usre it has...
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    BBS and Ansem's Report

    and in chronological order, the Ansem Reports were written first, and the Secret Ansem Reports were written after. AtW started the first set of reports, but since he stopped his research, Xehanort continued to research, thus taking the alias Ansem, and finished the reports.
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    BBS and Ansem's Report

    There are to sets of reports: THe Ansem Reports, which were written by Ansem SoD, and the Secret Ansem Reports, written by AtW. When AtW claims that he only wrote report 0, he meant out of the list that Ansem SoD wrote.
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    Braig/Xigbar in new trailer

    You are saying these assumptions as if they are actual facts. You really dont know anything that you speak of. There is no proof that he wasnt able to do that. And besides, the heartless came about due to AtW's researrch of the hearts, as said at the end of KH2. When AtW stopped the research...
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    Vanitas face in the new Trailer O.O

    Is it possible for Zack to be Vanitas? he sort of comes out of no where in the story, and he is someone all of them meet in the game. Zack also has black hair, and even though his eyes are golden, it is known that eye color can change. he basically has the same stature as Vanitas. Nomura said...
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    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    YESS!!!! cant wait 4 this to come out, even though i wont be able to play it lol. hopefully everything willl be recorded and translated soon after. I neeed to know who vanitas is, and I need to see the unveiling myself
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    Why did DiZ ask Riku who he was in KH2?

    it wasnt Amnesia or nothing. When Sora's memories were unlinked by Namine, Sora started to forget his past, and everyonce who came into contact with him started to forget about him as well. During the restoration of Sora, the memories started going back to everyone. That's what Riku meant by...
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    Who feels like some things are just wrong...

    Actually, it wouldnt make sense for any of ther other organization members to show up in BBS, for they were added to the Organization after they had already been established. Proof? in KH2 Final Mix+, there is a cutscene of a conversation between Xigbar and Zexion, where Xigbar stated that he...
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep world excitement

    I CANT WAIT TO PLAY NEVERLAND!!! i loved it in the 1st KH. madd it wasnt in KH2, and it wasnt all that in days, so bbs it should be great!!
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    hey im pretty new to the forums, so i was wondering what all of the acronyms meant. TAV = Terra, Aqua, Ven MX = Master Xehanort SoD = ??? If you know any others, please tell me, thanks :36:
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    Names & somethin thats been buggin me

    ok for the 1st part, thanks for clearing it up, but for the second part, if that is the case, what is the signifcance of the X in the first place? the only name that shows up with an X in it, especially being at the beginning of the name, is Xehanort. You can rule out X=10, so every member has...
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    This Theory could be true, But that would mean that since Vanitas is a keyblade user, Xehanort's heartless and Xemnas would also be Keyblade users. He may not remember that he was a Keyblade user, but Sora nor Roxas knew they were when they first found out. I think there is a connection with...
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    Names & somethin thats been buggin me

    ok we all now that in the organization, everyone's name has its letters reordered with an X added in it, fine. but here is something that has been buggin me. When it comes to Xemnas' name, he took Ansem with an X, instead of his own name, Xehanort. Now the we know there is Ansem the wise, but...