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    what game is this?

    it's been bugging me for a while, could anyone tell me? thanks :D YouTube - Freak of Nature
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    because we can all afford to act fail-badass once in a while.shamisen 1. Your pre-battle quote. 2. Your battle location. 3. Your battle music. this is mine: 1."And let me prove to you misguided fools that there is no god!" 2.500 feet above a futuristic city, in the air at midnight 3.YouTube -...
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    Days Manga Chapter 6

    eeeeee! Thank you so much for posting this!
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    Xion's theme in piano fom KH piano collections

    I took as long as possible in my first boss fight against Xion just so I could hear this song more XD; thank you very much for posting it!
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    Said what?

    Ahaha, that totally ruined the moment for me when he said that XD
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    best keyblade against Xion?

    currently I have omega weapon+, but is there anything you would recommend? I'm about to go up against Saix, Xion, and riku, so it would be just great if anyone had tips D:
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    larxenes possible somebody name?

    Before someone comes in and closes the thread, what about Luxord being Dolur? I mean, it sounds like "Dollar" and we all know luxord's a gambling man :P
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    (spoilers?)Ven and Vanitas?

    I found these screenshots on the internet today, and they're pretty surprising, at least for me :P can anyone make sense of them? (these were all I found, btw)
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    (Days) Tips against antlion?

    sweet!! Just beat it, thank you very much!
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    (Days) Tips against antlion?

    So I was playing kh days and got to antlion, obvs. I get its life down to about one bar or so left and it starts doing the thing where it whirlwinds and starts shooting rocks and lazers at me. Since I'm too preoccupied with running to try and make a counterattack w/ magic, I get stuck. (if this...
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    Why new shapes? (First post!)

    you make a good point, and I have to say I am among those that didn't know Ven's keyblade was changed! Happy first post :3
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    your natural eye color

    I'm just curious :/ Mine's amber, yours?
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    About the credits...

    can someone close the thread now? :P
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    Help/Support ► I'm very depressed right now,

    When it comes to times like these, it's best to be optimistic. Smile and the world will smile with you
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    The order of power in Organization XIII?

    wait, Lexaeus was one of the original members? Huh, guess you learn something new everyday.:eek:
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    so, technically, Sora could have easily dual-wielded in kh1 because Kairi's heart was in him most of the game?:31:
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    Who are you gonna play first in BBS?

    Aqua. I'm a sucker for playable female characters.
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    Not much but some news on BBS!

    Can anyone tell me what the third birthday is? It sounds a little confusing.:confused:
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    I'd have to say Yuffie's KH2 outfit. I'd wear them myself if I could sew! And those shoes~