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    Do you hope theres a kh3

    Do you hope theres a kh3 on the way
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    kh2 poll

    none of the above but that does not mean i wouldent mind being a kh char probly Sora or Roxas in twilight town or travers town er somthing
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    Whats your Favorite form

    (Valor Form) (Wisdom Form) (Master Form) (Final Form) (KH1 Form) (Dark Form)
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    KHIII fan-made case

    there u go :toungesmile:
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    Heres both Disks to Kh2-Fm+

    your welcome
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    NEW Scans of inside booklet of KH2-FM+

    here they are and ill keep posting till i get the rest of the booklet there u go your welcome
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    my kh2-fm+ came heres some scans

    heres the disks remember you need a swap magic 3 to play japan games but anyway your welcome
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    my kh2-fm+ came heres some scans

    more scan ive got em here this is the front cover and the back cover of the book that comes with the game kh2-fm+ and heres the back keep looking for more of my posts to see the inside of the book and the ****s will come too
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    my kh2-fm+ came heres some scans

    i scaned my copy of kh2-fm + the front and back where u can see both sides i also did the book so ill post more pics of my scans too so this should tied yall over till then here more coming soon including the discks
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    question about kh rcom

    does kingdom hearts re:chain of memories have engish voice acting also?:confused:
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    I Got Important News

    I GOT IMPORTANT NEWS im gettin KH2FM+ in the mail and my magic swap 3 and i figured out why you need the MAGIC SWAP 3 you install it to your PS2 and it does not make where you swap out too kh2fm+ disks even though kh2fm+ has 2 disks but magic swap 3 does not make it where it tells you where to...
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    HELP can you tell me if my ps2 is region locked or not? it says made in japan but i dont know if my ps2 is region locked or not and if it ic can i UNlock it?
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    I Want detail about kingdomhearts 2 final mix

    hey ppl tell me about kingdomhearts 2 final mix im getting really really REALLY cofused im about to blow up so give me some really detailed details about the game like is it in english what do i need to play it i mean i know i need a ps2 but this import system is driving me crazy tell me do i...
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    kh2-fm+ english voice acting?

    does kh2-fm+ have english voice acting?
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    Who hopes for a Sephiroth battle?

    im sick of sephiroth to be honest no hard feelings
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    Any word on KindomHeartsIII

    Any word on KindomHeartsIII im so exsited you do know if Kh2-fm+ dont come to america we allways have kh3 to fall back on but has anyone heard of what any body is say about eather of them i mean what are yalls thoughts on all this?:blush:
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    Kh2 fm offical site

    can anybody tell me the english offical sit to kh2 fm:confused:
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    kh2 fm -kh rcom video

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ PV i can across this this morning hope you like it if this has been posted please say:thumbup:
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    NEW SCANS !spoilers!