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    What Xehanort Really Is.

    This is just a new theory I came up with, but seems to have some real potential. I think that I may have discovered the true nature of "Xehanort" and what he truely is. Now when I say Xehanort, most of you will think of Ansem's apprentice. I belive this is untrue. I think that the being...
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    I heard that you get a certain colored crown when you finish a puzzle( THe pieces for the puzzles are the glowing crown marks you find in different worlds). Then you can upgrade the crowns by beating the mushrooms, the ES, and the Organization XIII data.
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    The True Xehanort

    OK I just barely thought of this. Its a little confusing, but I think it will be easier if I tell it from past to present. Many years ago, the heartless were created from people who tried to controll the power of darkness. Kingdom Hearts, which is the source of all hearts, chose a person with a...
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    Xehanort's Memories and the ES

    Ok something doesn't add up. When we see the secret ending we see the tallest knight (who is confirmed to be the Enigmatic Soldier we fight in Final Mix+). We can assume that this is Xehanort from the speech that Xigbar gives to Zexion in the new cutscene. "So harsh of you. I just want us to...
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    Extended Theory on the Seceret Ending

    OK so last time I posted I set made a theory, which you can read here: http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-ii-final-mix/78738-chasers-riku-bald-guy-explanation.html Anyway, I just saw the new secret ending, and I think that I may habe been right in some respects. After the guy who looks...
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    Chasers/Riku/Bald Guy Explanation

    Ok pretty much this whole thing is spoilers so I'm not gonna bother with spoiler boxes. I have a theory that all keyblade wielders have a kind of light being within them that allow them to manifest the keyblade from heart energy, and gives them resistance to darkness. This was...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 a MMORPG?

    Does anybody think it would be cool if the next kingdom hearts, which would be focused onthe keyblade wars, was a MMORPG. You could custamize your character, keyblade, and abilities. Then there could be sides for keyblade wielders of light, darkness, dawn, and twilight, and different players...
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    Play as all characters!!! Auron, Aladin, Beast etc.

    OK this is unbelievable. I hope this isn't old news but theres a cheats for ARMax where you can play as the native charavter in each world. You can play as Auron in the underworld, mulan in land of Dragons, Tron in Space Paranoids, etc. YOu can also play as MIckey in Hollow Bastion and Dual...
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    The armor in the secret ending and in KH2 (spoilers)

    Oh yeah. In a nomura interview with KH2 Ultimania he said the knights are completely new caharacters with ties to Riku, Sora, and Mickey. He said he has drawn faces for them but didn't want to show their faces. He also said the secret ending took place in the past and the future but said that...
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    The armor in the secret ending and in KH2 (spoilers)

    I noticed that too. The armor that Xemnas wears in his royal form thingy looks almost just like the knights armor. The weapon he weilds looks kinda like a keyblade too. And Xehanort was probably a keyblade weilder since he was able to open the door to the heart of Radiant Garden
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    Help!! KHII Olympus Collisum Paradox Battles!!!!

    For the Cerberous Paradox you need Master, Valor, and Wisdom forms at level five. maybe summons too. For Titan Paradox you need all drives and summons at level five. There is no Goddess of Fate Paradox cup, but for the Hades Paradox cup you need all drives and summons at level seven as well as...
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    (Spoilers) Zexion puppetmaster theory

    OK so just about everyone had been wondering about Zexion so i have a theory. And about this whole thing is a spoiler so don't read on if you don't want to be spoiled. Zexion was a nobody before Xehanort even became a heartless. He wanted to become human again, so he sought out the one who could...
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    (Spoilers) Knights and Xemnas Theory

    OK this theory is just about all spoilers so don't read on if you don't want to be spoiled. When you see the secret ending you see the knights, after looking at their armor something came to mind, Xemnas. The form he takes after he goes into kingdom hearts resembles something of a knight. I...
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    (Small Spoilers) Final Form Theory

    Ok when you read the description of final form it says "A form which unleashes the keyblade's true power" now i was trying to think about what this meant when I came up with two theory's. The first is simple. The nobody's were the only ones who could weild twilight due to their being caught...
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    (COM Spoiler) Riku Replica Theory

    Ok i just thought of this. I think that Organization XIII was trying at some pint to fuse together a Nobody and a Heartless. This is because when a person falls into darkness they split into a nobody and a heartless. i think this failed at first because once they fused them back, it was still a...
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    (MAJOR SPOILERS)Kingdom Hearts Destroyed?

    Ok this just popped into my head. This whole thing is pretty much a spoiler so just don't read on if you don't want to be spoiled. In the end of kingdom hearts Xemnas absorbed a part of kingdom hearts, allowing him to become extremely powerful. But in the end Sora and Riku destroyed him, but...
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    Theory: What Kingdom Hearts Is.*Possible Spoilers* Theory: What Kingdom Hearts Is.

    Ok from what we know Kingdom Hearts is the place where all hearts are born. As of such, it is connected to all hearts and is basically one giant heart. The most important question is whether it is light or darkness. I belive it is both. I think that kingdom hearts is not just a heart, but a...
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    Theory: Keyblade (major Spoilers)

    Alright in the ending of KHII we see a ton of keyblades and one of the messages is the MASTER KEYBLADE. All this time we've been thinking of light and darkness but we forgot that certain keyblades do fire, water, or lightning damage. I think that at one time every keyblade there ever was were...
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    * Spoilers *Anti and Final Form explanations.

    OK so heres why i think over abusing the drive form causes you to go into anti-form. After Sora was turned back into a human after being a heartless, a little bit of heartless stayed with him, but because he is the keyblade master is heart has unnaturally strong defence, which keep the...
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    *Small Spoiler* Drive Form Question.

    OK i have a few question about drive forms. I saw a video of Sora fusing with with Donald and Goofy, but instead turning into master form he turned into Final Form. I was wondering how you get final form, who you drive with, and its real name. If any of you guys know it'd be a big help.