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    Enigmatic Man

    no its not marluxia at all. i think it is basicly another side of ansem. i mean if you look at pictures of ansem and Diz they both have alot of things in common such as eye color and skin tone.
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    i thin both of them will return. mostly cloud becuz i think cloud is looking for sora to tell sora that cloud and sora are brothers or somthing like that.
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    Marluxia's Machine

    they do look the same, but only a little bit. though i dout it will be back.
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    New Scans!!!

    i still think its just a memory of the king and donald, sora and goffy just get to be there in the memory. i dont think its a playable world. nice job non-existant one, you allways bring us good news, keep it up.
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    sorry if posted before...

    i only think aroun becuz his world is not the underworld. but i dont think malun becuz her world is that dragon place. so i only think aroun.
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    How do you think Axel will use Riku Replica in KH2?

    i dont think axel will use riku or any one else, but maybe namie. i dont think they will manipulate any one again, but namie. and i dont think riku, sora, BHK, pr the king will manilpulate her/ i think only the org. will. i think if it wears what the real riku wears then he will try to con...
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    i think Pride Rock has been confirmed in one of the magizine scans. other than that i cant wait to play in Pride Rock.
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    organization elements

    what in the heck are you talking about. none of you have played Com. marluia is plant. no zexion is plant
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    organization elements

    i just posted on khu, so ill see in a minute. but i dont think wind is for xaldrin and water is for demix. go back and edit your second post so then you will not have double posted,ok.
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    all i can remember right now is neoheartless, i know that there are alot more i just cant remember them all right now. neoheartless rock.
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    organization elements

    ok before i say anything, stop double posting. whats going on today? double posting is every where. marluxia has the element of plant (play Com). and i dont think xaldrin has wind for an element. zexion has the element of wind. (play Com) PLAY COM AND DO NOT DOUBLE POST
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    New Screenshots(?) and Translations

    ya, i think that they are from old ones.
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    does any one know a website where you can type in your name and it tells you what your name means. i went to google and nothing there helped. then i went to yahoo and still there was nothing. so can you guys help? thanx.
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    Yu-gi-oh Fans

    i am i huge fan of the show and card game yugioh. and i was wonering if there are any other yugioh fans on this forum. if so ill give you an awsome yugioh you can go to. or if you have an questions about the card game ask me here and ill answer it for you.
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    bad but new screenshot

    this is old, not new. but good job and keep it up. i have allways wondered on what that could be.
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    Do you think...

    hmmmm, i guess. idk.
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    ya, lol its kingdom hearts 2 in japanese
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    Sora's Clothes

    i think sora will go to the darkness for half of the game then come back and i think thats what his new clothing is trying to tell us.
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    a demo of kh 2?(this should be a spoiler)

    there is going to be a demo we just dont know when though
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    Steam Boat Wille Thoery

    but what would we have to do in this world, if it is playable?