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    My Theory on Connections

    This is the first time in nearly a year i've been to this site, so forgive me if I'm inaccurate in any way. Ok, so the the shpeel is that Sora is connected to Ven, Aqua is connected to Kairi, and if I'm right Terra is connected to Riku. Also what I heard is that Ven and Terra were watching two...
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    MY book advice

    Hey, I'm makin' a book of my own. (I have written many in Elementary School) And I was wondering what ideas you guys have for it. What I mean, though, is ideas to solve some problems I am having while writing it. My character has a horse in the beginning. (The horse is like a best friend of my...
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    Xehanort and his mysteries

    woops my bad. I read THe Conqueror's post wrong. Sry
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    Xehanort and his mysteries

    Still, what about his Nobody. He was the strongest one for crying out loud! No w the one dude back there said he had some mastery over Ansem the Wise's things. I do not believe that he just made HIS heartless. TO create a heartless, you need a heart. Just a heart. And what about his...
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    Xehanort and his mysteries

    IN the Secret Ansem Reports, the REAL Ansem wrote down that he found Xehanort, without a clue where he was from or who he was. This is what Xehanort also thought. He dodn't know where he was from nor who he was, except his name, Xehanort. (Or so he says) Later, Ansem writes that Xehanort...
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    Observing the trailer

    Well, recap first of all. THe three are not Sora, Riku, and Kairi. THe sentence Master of The Keyblade (note. Singular, no plural) Okay...if you're a higher thinker, you will probably guess that near the end, when the armored figures move their head in one direction, that they are looking at...
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    Spoilers!!New Ansem Reports Translated!!

    I agree with that. Ansems Heart may become like a parasite that can enter different bodies and leave them. Maybe that'll be the thing in KH III
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    Spoilers!!New Ansem Reports Translated!!

    SO.........basically.. The REAl Ansem way back in the past, split the entire structure of his being. The Body, Heart, and Soul. There's an org member with the unscrambled name X Ansem right? Well..that org member is his soul/shell, The Real Ansem is the Heart, and DiZ is his...
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    Strange, but very suprising

    here is my other theory, about why his name is that, and his purpose on why he wants Sora. It's scrambled SoraX or X Sora because maybe when he was a heartless, as you know, the heart is taken away. Thus, the soul is seperated, and a shell is made!! Concluding Roxas existence, and why he can...
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    Luke's KH2 Cutscene Selection (SPOILERS)

    I couldn't even finish the first video....dang it...it's so hard cause I really want to see a clip of the beginning..yet i want to wait and not have any suprises..
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    Strange, but very suprising

    no..i was busy typing the last one. :I
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    Strange, but very suprising

    Look, by what i've heard, BHK's name is Roxas. SCRAMBLE THE LETTERS OF THE NAME!* Maybe, if this is what they (Square Enix) did, then this most likely means that Roxas is Sora's shell, or he is related (not by family) in some way.
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    Strange, but very suprising

    Roxas, if you're a name scrambling freak, you'll realize if you scramble the letters, it's SORAX. Maybe it's supposed to mean, Sora the tenth, or even like Ex Sora, like ex-girlfriend. Please post
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    which character do u hate the most

    BHK. Even though we don't know what he's like. I hate the fact that he has 2 keyblades and Sora has one. Also, what is he doing putting his fingers on the Kingdom Key?!
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    bhk take sora's place as the new keyblade master?

    Re: will sora die and will bhk take sora's place as the new keyblade master? I DO NOT beleive that will happen 100%. Actually, I don't like this BHK at all. To me he's stealing the show from Sora. I think the Creators won't do that, after all, that will draw all the fans AWAY from KH or at...
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    Ways of getting a girl/boyfriend

    Ever had any problems with knowing what to do to get a certain boy or girl to go out with ya? Well post em here, and maybe you can learn something.
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    Lost Friends

    HAve you ever had a friend move? I have. Nearly every year 1 of my good friends have to move. My Second Best Friend ever had to move to Hawaii, and it all happened in 3rd grade. We played ever since i was in Pre-K. He was.....a good friend. Honest, and always played with me every day. Hey moved...