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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    KH2 final mix i was lookin at the scans on the site of final mix and the pic of that guy thats in the middle of the page i think is one of the three keybladers in the secret ending of KH2. im not to sure cause i cant read japanese but just a thought. tell me wat yall think
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    your storyline

    if u had a chance to work on Kingdom Hearts 3 how would u make the story line? What would the new characters names be? How would they connect with Sora and the others.
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    "It all started with.....Birth by Sleep"

    I think the game will show little clips of the passed in the game...Possibly to show what is geting ready to happen in the future.. remember that Nomura said that "it takes place in the past but u can also say its in the future".
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    COM Movie

    I was thinking that maybe they can make KH into more thin a game maybe a move. They could make COM into a movie sence it basicly retells what happend in the first game and u find out about the Org. alittle. What do yall think?
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    Doesn't Aerith's voice suck in KH2

    I like all the voices they fit the charicters i think
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    How to get the secret ending

    How to get the secret ending on normal
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    the other ending of kingdom hearts 2

    what other ending do u speek of? there is only 1 ending I think
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    Disney bought Pixstar

    sence they bought Pixstar does that mean they can use the movies 4 KH3
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    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    yep i did it toke me 30 hours
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    Secret Ending: What's he standing on?

    cant be Nomura said he put thair Keyblades in there to show its not thim
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    Blindfolded Riku

    he said it was so his eye couldent lie. sora thin said "u dont have to lie to us riku". Thin Riku said "it was to stop me from lieing to myself". not exact words but same meaning
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    Orichalum + Help PLEASE

    u have to go into the mini game where enter the cave and find pooh thin just look for all the chest.
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    Was anyone else as disappointed with the 1K heartless battle as I was?

    I think they did a good job with it cause u no how effin hard it is to get that meny ppl or in this case heartless on the screen at 1 time. If it was like on a next gen counsol thin i would say it sucked but to pull that off on the PS2 thats awsome.
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    Beaten Game? Come in!

    I beat the game on proud in 36 hours and i was the first person to play the game at my school.
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    Ahhhh!!! Proud Mode?!

    If u cant beat it that dont mean ur retarded it just means u need to try a differnt strategys. try hiting tryangle alot to reverse around thim.
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    Secret Ending: What's he standing on?

    looks to me like a ship or something.could be a gummi ship maybe
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    KH2 ending not sad enough...

    I thought the ending was sad but happy sad and im glad cause the ending fit perfict with the story
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    Kairi and SPOILER

    but there is 4. and we no 3
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    Kairi and SPOILER

    so what do u think it means by the last two
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    Kairi and SPOILER

    how do u no this. and i want to no what u no