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    Ven's Scenario

    Well that's because he is. xDD
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    Ven's Scenario

    oh god the mini game. xD And Lea and Isa!!! That was great!!
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    Ven's Scenario

    and now he's disconnected. D:
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    Ven's Scenario

    What part did he just finish, does anyone know?
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    Creator Message from Tetsuya Nomura (Message from the KINGDOM)

    While everyone's being kind of negative (except I think your Nomura translator is hilarious, Dogenzaka), I'd just like to say: if you're going to expect something awful, you'll see it as awful when you get around to playing it. That's what I've experienced. I'm personally very excited and...
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    Best 358/2 Days boss fight

    Completely unoriginal, but loved it all the same: Dark Follower. 'Ruler of the Skies' was my top favorite in the entire game, though. ;D
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    King Mickey

    Well, uh, let's not forget here that Mickey is apprenticed to Yen Sid during BbS. In any case, I don't think he's quite as skilled as in KH and KH2. >_>;; So I don't consider it a big deal.
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    did anyone else notice this?

    You know, that has been on my mind since the second game came out. xD That it's Radiant Garden, and it looks so much like Balamb Gardens. I've sort of even contemplated a relationship between the two in terms of how the community functions (ie would Ansem the Wise be training a bunch of people...
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    why ienzo is small in the scan of bbs

    This is by far the most logical explanation I have heard besides "Nomura forgot the nine-year-gap." I really hope that didn't happen, personally. Nor do I hope that some sort of convoluted explanation comes up such as something along the lines of "Oh, because of this, that and the other, a sort...