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    So i guess

    its a reset activated by the PS2 dualshock controller i believe^^^^^^
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    Sora Heartless Form ...

    nuh-uh. its sora using the power of darkness. at yen sids tower look at the five covered mirrors and use triangle and it says the five possible forms sora can drive into : valor :an image of you using you strenght to its fullest flows in your mind wisdom :an image of you using you magical...
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    Final Form Help! *minor spoilers*

    drive in either master or valor while equipped with oathkeeper and oblivion. i drived about 50 times until i took those two keyblades in valor form and then i got final
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    Road to Dawn keychain

    anyone notice riku's keychain is a heartless insigna??? i though he had lost the power of darkness since he wasnt able to summon a dark corridor to make an escape with sora and co....any thoughts?
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    did i miss something?(spioler)

    only org member nobodys have an x, to show to what "club" they belong to.
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    Xaldin's Kingdom Hearts II FAQ

    i dont think thats how u get it. after i beat the tower of memories part or wtv its called, i drived 47 times (valor-wisdom-master) and it never worked. then i looked at a pic of final and it had oathkeeper and oblivion, so i equipped oblivion to normal sora and oathkeeper to valor and first try...
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    2 questions :spoliers:

    leveling up for each form is written in the status area (in the pause menu) of the drives btw... and also the paradox cups are unlocked by speaking to hades (after completeing the other cups if im not mistaken)
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    Battle Report - Ending Credits

    didnt xaldin already post a thread like this one ??
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    Bad part in Sanctuary

    its translated so it cant be perfect
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    Re: Zexion is Dead-Spoilers So is Roxas's tombstone but he just fused back with Sora and its Red, so dead might not be the keyword here. Also, didnt the journal in CoM say that his status was "fallen into ruin" or something like that, while the others were like "deceased" or "destroyed by...
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    Who plays kh2 for only disney character?

    ive only played ff X so when i got Kh1 it was mostly for disney i guess
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    i button mashed both buttons cuz when i only pressed x riku was getting shot
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    Fusion Theory. *Spoilers*

    anti form is just sora using the power of darkness (check yen sid's tower for details)
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    Im Confused....

    nope, otherwise there would be no point in them collecting hearts for kingdom hearts and anyway they cant return to their bodies since sora and riku destroyed em all
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    So Sora isn't in the sequel of KH2?

    Nomura said it wouldnt be a numbered sequel, so i wouldnt expect sora or anyone we know to appear in KHIII, but hopefully im dead wrong, cuz starting over completely but just keeping keyblades would kinda be weird...
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    What Did you like better from the first?

    better world exploration
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    [not sure if mentioned]

    do u have a link ?
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    Help From Micky?

    what ??? if u can use mickey angainst Xemnas then whats the point? u cant die with him...
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    Story Rating

    i totally agree: to many questions are left unanswered and will only be left to open speculation. i understand nomura when he says speculation can be better than knowing every square inch of the story, but too many speculations just leave me wanting more... i give 8/10 : worlds are short...
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    kh1 was a waste of time everbody!

    jus because the guy has an alias doesnt mean it was pointless