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    Question about Ansem and cloaks and MX's legacy

    ^^ oh ok thanks for the clarification. Makes more sense now
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    Question about Ansem and cloaks and MX's legacy

    haha I agree as well about that
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    Question about Ansem and cloaks and MX's legacy

    Ansem made it seem like in the secret ending that he created the Organization cloaks but in the beginning of BBS (which takes place many years before), MX is seen wearing an Organization cloak so did MX and Ansem both have the same exact idea or what? My other question is it seemed like when MX...
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    Ven wrapped in Cloth scene!!!

    Justin.tv - Ventus in a cradle seems like MX is wearing an Org. coat... interesting what happens? wait.... maybe that's MX's nobody when he stabs himself releasing his own heart? idk what do you think? SOMEONE BETTER TRANSLATE THIS!!!
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    If no one can really explain it then shut up, I'm pissed now, either tell me the full truth if you know exactly what it is or don't make a random assumpion. idk what he even looks like, it's all rumor till I see it for myself, does anybody have links to anything pics or vids? if not then shut...
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    Is Vanitas...

    I know this sounds crazy but what if Vanitas is the real Sora? And then the Sora we think is Sora is someone else. And Nomura did say that the secret ending would make us see the KH universe differently. What if that reveals that? I know this sounds crazy and I don't necessarily believe but what...
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    NA release date?

    1up.com has on their website that BBS is coming to NA May 14th. Any credibility to this site?
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    Braig? (spoilers)

    so what was his "special" role in this? And did he actually capture MX like we saw in that picture or was that some kind of trick by MX?
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    Jump Festa trailer observation

    sorry if this topic has been brought up before since I just joined the forums today. Just thought I'd hear peoples opinions
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    Jump Festa trailer observation

    I wonder why his hood is up though.... At least it seems like his hood is pulled up
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    Jump Festa trailer observation

    well yeah I just called it baby Ven because like you said, we don't know and it looks like him
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    Jump Festa trailer observation

    did anyone notice that in the new Jump Festa trailer when you see Ven wrapped up in a blanket on that tree at Destiny Islands, there's a person in a black cloak to the left of the tree. Can anyone tell who it is? I thought it was MX but the person has his hood pulled up from what I can tell.