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    ur org. name

    Mine would be: Coahtemoc-> Xocahmotec (Xoh-cah-moh-tek) o.0
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    Ven/Sora/Roxas Theory

    Not as straight as I thought, apparently. I just remembered it was Aqua who Ven asked to erase him. -_- Oh well.
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    Ven/Sora/Roxas Theory

    Oh boy! Another 'Ven is Sora!" theory! XD Anyways, when I was watching the TGS trailer, I noticed that Terra asked Master Xehanort what he had done to his 'friend''s heart. Well, seeing how Ven refers to someone as a 'friend,' I'm assuming Terra was referring to Ven. I find it unlikely that Ven...
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    who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephiroth?

    Re: who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephir Yah, I've done that before on Easy Mode. I even got to 100 hours of gameplay. I half expected that at the moment the clock changed to 100 hours, a note would appear saying," Congratulations, you have...
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    Original Heartless

    Ok, so we all know that Shadows, NeoShadows, DarkBalls, and Darksides are the original Heartless, since they don't have Well what about Invisibles in The End of the World...? I've been playing through KH I again and I haven't seen a Heartless insignia on them, so are they one of the original...
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    In my opinion, it's simply a way to make...I don't know..suspense? If the Dusk in the cutscene didn't have a mouth, it would look kinda weird, and if it's mouth was open all the time, then a dramatic effect couldn't have been created. By opening the zipper & shower teeth (somewhat), it showed...
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    KH2 Been Gone

    What i miss about the game is playing through aworld with cutscenes & stuffs. oO If a feature was added into future KH games where you could replay through a world's storyline after already defeating that world, that'd make me happy. oO
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    Two worlds that would "surprise us" What do you think they are?

    Hmm, well, if it's a Disney movie, I'd have to go with MadamMina with The Haunted Mansion, it'd be so fun hanging out with ghosts! XD But it would be a huge surprise if Worlds based off of Studio Ghibli films arose.....
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    Japanese KH II+: Final Mix on PS3

    Will there be any issues if I try to play a Japanese game on a U.S. PS3? I seem to remember some problems if you tried to play foreign games on a U.S. PS2, so I was wondering if anyone knew whether I'll need to something or if it's impossible. o.o P.S. I apologize in advance, I bet there's a...
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    Japanee KH II+: Final Mix on PS3

    Crap...I made two. -_- ..... Please delete this thread. o.o