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    going insane waiting

    just what the title says but im hopeing they dont delay the outcome of kh2 so long that they say screw it and put it on ps3 then it would realy suck
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    Kiaris new look

    i know what ya mean when i first saw her im like nawww that cant be kairi maybe tifa but not kairi sure enough its here in kh1 she looks like shes 10 not 13 and kh2 going to look like shes 15 or so
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    something intresting

    if you remember the trailors beeing show well you know the one scene were sora is running through hollow bastion? well i noticed he reached out for the hooded figure same way he does in kh 1 when rikus going to get hit by that tidal wave at begining thats not all my video laggs well0 at one...
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    Kari and Namine looks alike?

    possible with bhk & sora and namine & kairi that one or the other is a shell of each other
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    How do you think KH2 should end?

    in my opinion diz because sevral reasons A.ansems already dead B.ansem is a loser of a boss C.none the others seem likely
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    Dragon's quest in KH2?

    maybe just a rumor.... maybe not dragonquest was made by square so idk for sure
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    keyhole theory

    my theory is that there are more keyholes with the worlds he sealed(least some of them) and he has to seal those because they let the N.E.O.s in which is possibleor he could be visiting alternate areas of the world which is also possible or for instance in hercules are there could of beeen two...
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    Is KH affiliated with the Bible!!!

    i see what hes saying and i noticed this and im christian like the heartless could be sorta the demons and those who fight them could be like the angels possibly or possibly just hopeful thinking
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    Mickey's Key Is Light; so not Sora????

    actualy i hade this theory two but i just joined the forum so... also id like to say thats probly the plot for KH2 soras key was not the key to the light and the doors been reopened least its my theory